Citrix Provisioning

Adding existing vDisks to a vDisk pool or store

If vDisks exist in a store, and are used by target devices in your site, you can add them to the site’s vDisk pool. In the Citrix Provisioning console, select Add existing vDisks by right-clicking the menu option. This option is available from the vDisk Pool folder and from a store folder.

To add existing vDisks to a site

  1. Verify the following:
    • Other servers have access to the shared folder where the store is located.
    • The new server is associated with that store.
  2. In the console tree, right-click on the vDisk Pool in the site where you want to add vDisks. You can alternately right-click on the store where those vDisks exist. Select the Add existing vDisk menu option. The Add Existing vDisks dialog appears.
  3. If you accessed this dialog from the site’s vDisk pool, select the store to search from the menu. If you accessed this dialog from the store, select the site where vDisks are added using the menu.
  4. In the Select the server to use when searching for new vDisks menu, select the Citrix Provisioning server performing the search. Click Search. Any new vDisks that do not exist in the database display in the text box.
  5. Check the box next to each vDisk that you want to add. Alternately click Select All to add all vDisks in the list, then click Add.
Adding existing vDisks to a vDisk pool or store