Server settings

Video about configuring Session Recording servers:

Video about configuring Session Recording servers


  1. Select Configuration > Server Management from the left navigation of the Session Recording service.

  2. Expand a site to locate the target Session Recording server and then click the Settings icon. The Settings icon is present only for available servers.

    Configuring a target server


    The status of a Session Recording server might not change to Offline after you stop the cloud client service (CitrixSsRecCloudClientService) on it.

  3. On the General page, enter a description for the Session Recording server and move the server to a different site. You can also drag and drop the Session Recording server to a different site.
  4. On the Recordings and other pages, configure the server settings listed in the following table:

    Server setting Description
    File storage location Specifies where to store recorded session files. You can specify multiple locations to store files in a load-balanced manner.
    Certificate Lets you select a machine certificate to sign recordings. If no certificate is provided, HTTP is used as the communication protocol. In this case, ensure that: (1) Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is disabled in Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) on each Session Recording server. (2) HTTP is selected as the connection protocol on the Session Recording Agent. For more information, see Use HTTP as the communication protocol.
    File rollover Lets you specify two thresholds for a rollover: file size and recording duration.
    Notification Customizes messages sent to end users to notify them that their sessions are being recorded.
    Live session playback Sets whether you allow users to play ongoing sessions that are being recorded.
    Administrator logging Sets whether to enable the administrator logging service.
    Mandatory blocking Sets whether to block changes to policies and server settings if administrator logging fails.
    CEIP Sets whether to join the Citrix Customer Experience Improvement Program (CEIP).
Server settings