View reports from health checks


This article is deprecated. Smart Tools reached End of Life (EOL) on July 31, 2019 and is no longer available for use with on-premises Virtual Apps and Desktops Sites or Sites using the Virtual Apps and Desktops service. For more information about Smart Tools deprecation and alternatives, see the following articles:

Some Citrix-provided health checks produce reports that additional information, beyond alerts and notifications. When you use Smart Tools to run a check or tool that generates a report, you can view the resulting report in Smart Tools.

Reports are generated when you run the following checks:

  • LTSR Compliance Checks
  • VDA Health Checks
  • Delivery Controller Configuration Checks
  • StoreFront Checks
  • Citrix Optimizer Checks
  • License Server Checks
  • Citrix Provisioning Checks
  • Product LifeCycle Checks

Site Health Checks do not produce reports.

For report-generating Citrix checks, the reports contain the following information:

  • Check name
  • Site ID
  • Time and date when the report was generated
  • Machines that the check targeted
  • Number of alerts that were raised
  • Conditions that the check looked for on the targeted machines

After you run these checks, Smart Tools generates the report for each one and displays a download link for the report. To view the report, click View Reports.

Health Alerts page with View Reports highlighted

The Reports page displays all the reports that have been generated by report-enabled checks.

Reports list with Download Report link highlighted

To view the report, point to the report you want and click Download Report. The report appears in a separate browser tab or window.

View reports from health checks