Get Started with Citrix Workspace

Citrix Cloud provides a step-by-step guided walkthrough to help you get up and running quickly with Citrix Workspace. In the walkthrough, you’ll learn about:

  • Configuring a supported identity provider
  • Adding administrators to your Citrix Cloud account
  • Configuring the workspace URL for your organization
  • Selecting the workspace authentication method for your end-users (also known as your workspace subscribers)
  • Adding services to your new workspace

This article describes the technical information and resources you’ll need at each step in the walkthrough.

Step 1: Build your workspace team

Engaging the right people and teams in your organization is essential for a successful workspace deployment. Use the following suggested roles to identify the people who can help you meet the technical requirements for delivering workspace resources to your end-users.

  • Security and networking specialists: Ensures the requirements for Internet connectivity, Citrix Cloud Connector deployment, secure access to workspaces, and end-user authentication are met. You might also include these roles in testing your workspace to make sure your end-users can authenticate successfully and access their resources.
  • Workspace and service administrators: Authorized to sign in to Citrix Cloud and administer Workspace Configuration settings and manage your purchased services. You might also include these roles in testing your workspace to make sure your end-users can access the resources they need.
  • Communications manager: Educates your end-users about Citrix Workspace and how workspaces enhance the way they work.
  • Training coordinator: Prepares the end-users in your organization for using workspaces as part of their daily work. This might include informal training sessions or self-service resources by email.
  • Support specialists: Maintain the infrastructure you’re using to provide workspace resources, support your end-users as needed, and troubleshoot any issues post-deployment. You might also include these roles in testing your workspace to make sure your end-users can access their resources.

Step 2: Configure an identity provider

Citrix Cloud supports a variety of identity providers to authenticate the end-users who access workspace resources. After you complete this step in the walkthrough, you can select your configured identity provider as the workspace authentication method in Step 4: Customize your workspace.

To learn more about the identity providers you can use with Citrix Workspace, see the following articles:

  • Identity providers: For a list of supported identity providers and links to the requirements and configuration instructions for each one.
  • Secure workspaces (Citrix Workspace): For an overview of what your end-users experience with each supported workspace authentication method.
  • Citrix Cloud Connector: For requirements, deployment guidance, and instructions for connecting your environment with Citrix Cloud when you choose Active Directory, Citrix Gateway, or Okta as your identity provider.

Step 3: Add administrators

In this step, you invite the technical personnel you identified in Step 1: Build your workspace team to be administrators of your Citrix Cloud account. This step includes defining the access level for each administrator, such as access to Workspace Configuration and to manage the individual services you have purchased.

For more information about adding administrators to Citrix Cloud and access levels for services, refer to the following articles:

Step 4: Customize your workspace

In this step, take a moment to review the workspace URL that your end-users will use to access their workspace. If needed, you can change the first part of the workspace URL so it better reflects your company’s name. For instructions, see Workspace URL.

Also, select the workspace authentication method that your end-users will use when they sign in to their workspace. Remember, you configured the identity provider for this method in Step 2: Configure an identity provider. From the Citrix Cloud menu, select Workspace Configuration > Authentication and then select the workspace authentication you want to use.

Step 5: Integrate services

Now, you’re ready to add your purchased services to Citrix Workspace. First, make sure your services are configured so they can provide the resources your end-users need. For more information and instructions, see the following articles:

After you’ve configured your purchased services, follow the steps in Enable and disable services to ensure end-users can see and access these resources in their workspace.

Test your workspace

Sign in to your workspace using the workspace URL, verify you can authenticate successfully, and access the resources that your end-users will need to perform their daily work. Depending on the services you purchased, the technical personnel you identified in Step 1: Build your workspace team might include the following tests:

  • Signing in to your workspace as an administrator and as an actual end-user, using a web browser and using Workspace app on a computer or mobile device
  • Launching and using apps and desktops, including any enterprise web apps and SaaS apps
  • Accessing endpoint resources through an enrolled mobile device
  • Accessing folders and files from the Citrix Files pane of your workspace
  • Verifying the Actions pane of your workspace displays the actions that your microapps integrations make available to end-users
  • Completing an action from the Actions pane of your workspace to verify your microapps are working with your organization’s data sources

Roll out workspaces to end-users

Congratulations, your workspace is ready to go live! Help your end-users learn how Citrix Workspace can help them do their work more effectively with these resources:

The communications and training specialists you identified in Step 1: Build your workspace team can use these resources to build awareness, communicate the value of workspaces, enlist champions across your organization, and provide ready-to-use guides and instructions for using Workspace app. They can also partner with your technical specialists to address end-user feedback and identify lessons learned throughout the roll-out process.

Get Started with Citrix Workspace