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Remove deployments from view

Important: This topic describes deprecated functions and will be removed from the documentation. For more information about deprecated functions in Smart Tools, see What’s New in Citrix Smart Tools.

You can remove a deployment from view on the Deployments page in Smart Tools. This can be helpful in the following situations:

  • You are unable to tear down a deployment with Smart Tools because a machine was deleted manually from your resource location.
  • A single machine is used by multiple deployments and you do not want to tear down your deployment.
  • A deployment failed and, after analyzing the failure, you no longer want to see the deployment displayed on the Deployments page.

You can remove only deployments that are currently running or stopped. You cannot remove deployments that are in progress.


When removing a deployment from view, consider the following:

  • Removing a deployment is a permanent action that cannot be undone.
  • After removing a deployment from view, the machines in the deployment remain active. Smart Tools does not tear down the deployment.

If you want to terminate the deployment, do not remove the deployment from view. Instead, tear down the deployment as described in Tear down a deployment.

To remove a deployment from view

  1. From the menu bar, click Manage. The Deployments page appears.
  2. Under Running or Stopped, move the pointer over the deployment you want to remove from view and click Details. The Deployment Details page appears.
  3. Click the More menu icon and select Remove Deployment from View.
  4. Click Remove.

Remove deployments from view