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Tear down a deployment

Important: This topic describes deprecated functions and will be removed from the documentation. For more information about deprecated functions in Smart Tools, see What’s New in Citrix Smart Tools.

Teardown removes deployment resources and terminates a blueprint deployment. You can add a teardown process to a blueprint, run a teardown process to terminate machines involved in the deployment, and view teardown process status and details.

Note: After teardown, you cannot manage the terminated machines with Citrix Smart Tools. Before you tear down a deployment, Citrix recommends you back up any deployment data that you want to preserve from the machines.

View teardown process details for a deployment

After teardown runs for a deployment, you can view teardown process details such as name, status, instance run timestamp, and so on.

  1. From the Deployments page, point to the deployment you want and click Details.
  2. Click the Tear Down tab. Completed teardown processes appear in a list.
  3. Click a teardown process name to view more details on the process run instance, steps, outputs, and results.

Add or modify a teardown process in a deployment

You can add a teardown process when you create or modify a blueprint. To add or modify a teardown process after a blueprint is deployed, use the Manage tab.

  1. From the Deployments page, move the pointer over the deployment to which you want to add the teardown process and click Details.
  2. Click Tear Down.
  3. Click Configure. The Blueprint Designer displays the blueprint instance in edit mode, with the Teardown tab selected.
  4. In the left pane, under Cloud Steps, drag and drop the Terminate Machine step to the Steps section of the Blueprint Designer. You can also use a customized script to terminate machines.
  5. Click Save to update the blueprint instance with the configured teardown process.

To run an existing teardown process

Most Citrix-provided blueprints have teardown processes already configured. When you tear down a deployment, Smart Tools decommissions and terminates the VMs in the deployment.

  1. To run the teardown process and decommission the blueprint deployment, click Tear down deployment. The Tear down deployment confirmation dialog appears.
  2. Click Tear down. To pause a running teardown process, click Pause. To cancel a running teardown process, click Cancel.

The scheduled teardown process terminates the machines provisioned in the blueprint deployment and decommissions the deployment. On the Deployments page, Smart Tools moves the deployment from the Running section to the Stopped section. After the teardown finishes, Smart Tools sends you an email notification indicating the teardown status.