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View reports from health checks

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Some Citrix-provided health checks produce reports that additional information, beyond alerts and notifications. When you use Smart Tools to run a check or tool that generates a report, you can view the resulting report in Smart Check.

Reports are generated when you run the following checks:

  • LTSR Checks
  • VDA Health Checks
  • Delivery Controller Configuration Checks
  • StoreFront Checks
  • Citrix Optimizer Checks
  • License Server Checks
  • Provisioning Services Checks
  • Citrix Life Cycle Checks

Site Health Checks, Apps and Desktops Checks, and Update Checks do not produce reports.

For report-generating Citrix-provided checks, the reports contain the following information:

  • Check name
  • Site ID
  • Time and date when the report was generated
  • Machines that the check targeted
  • Number of alerts that were raised
  • Conditions that the check looked for on the targeted machines

After you run these checks, Smart Tools generates the report for each one and displays a download link for the report. To view the report, click View Reports.

Health Alerts page with View Reports highlighted

If you create a custom check that generates a report, you can access that report from the Reports page as well.

The Reports page displays all the reports that have been generated by report-enabled checks.

Reports list with Download Report link highlighted

To view the report, point to the report you want and click Download Report. The report appears in a separate browser tab or window.

View reports from health checks

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