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Prepare to migrate your XenApp 6.x deployment


The Smart Migrate service helps you reduce the amount of work required to migrate your XenApp 6.x farm to a new XenApp 7.x Site. With Smart Migrate, Smart Tools exports your existing farm policies and settings and imports them into your new XenApp and XenDesktop 7.x Site. This topic describes the limitations and prerequisites for migration.

You can migrate your XenApp 6.x farm using the following methods:

  • Automated migration: Connect your XenApp 6.x and 7.x controllers to Smart Tools and perform the migration.
  • Manual migration: Run migration scripts on your XenApp controllers and upload the farm policies and settings to Smart Tools for migration.

Preparation resources

Before starting the migration, refer to the Prepare, Build, and Integrate sections of the XenApp Migration and Upgrade guide on the Citrix web site. This guide provides additional resources to help you prepare your XenApp 6.x deployment for migration.

Additionally, review the Migrate XenApp 6.x topic on the Citrix Product Documentation web site. This topic provides in-depth information about the application and policy settings that will and will not be migrated. See the “Limitations” section of the topic.

Migration limitations

  • Smart Migrate supports migrating to XenApp 7.x, up to Version 7.13.
  • Not all policy settings are migrated. For example, unfiltered policy settings and obsolete policy settings from XenApp 6.x are not migrated. Settings that are no longer supported are ignored and recorded in the migration log file. For a list of settings that are not migrated, see the “Policy settings not imported” section of the Migrate XenApp 6.x topic.
  • Many application properties are not imported because of differences between the XenApp 6.x Independent Management Architecture (IMA) and the XenApp 7.6 FlexCast Management Architecture (FMA) technologies. For a list of supported properties, see the “Application property mapping” section of the Migrate XenApp 6.x topic.
  • Printer user assignments are not migrated.
  • Only server-installed applications are migrated to the XenApp 7.x Site. Published desktops, content, and most streamed applications are not supported.
  • Only Citrix policy settings created with the AppCenter management console are imported; Citrix policy settings created with Windows Group Policy Objects (GPOs) are not imported.
  • Nested folders greater than five levels deep are not supported by Studio and will not be imported. If your application folder structure includes folders more than five levels deep, consider reducing the number of nested folder levels before importing.
  • As part of a manual migration, you will create XML files containing your farm’s application and policy settings and upload them to Smart Tools for analysis. Be aware that Smart Tools accepts uploaded files up to 100 MB only.

Prepare to migrate your XenApp 6.x deployment

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