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Troubleshoot XenApp 6.x farm migration issues

Important: This topic has been deprecated and will be removed. For more information about deprecated features and functions in Smart Tools, see What’s New in Citrix Smart Tools.

This topic provides troubleshooting tips for Smart Migrate issues.

Migrating XenApp 6.5 to XenApp 7.13 results in an SDK error

When migrating from XenApp 6.5 to XenApp 7.13, the migration halts because of an SDK error.

This error occurs because the XenApp 6.5 PowerShell SDK is not installed on the Site’s Delivery Controllers. Smart Tools requires the Citrix Common Commands snap-in in the SDK to run the scripts that will migrate your farm’s application and policy settings to your XenApp 7.13 Site. This SDK is installed by default in XenApp 7.x versions up to 7.12. However, the SDK is not included in Version 7.13.

To resolve this issue, install the XenApp 6.5 PowerShell SDK on the Delivery Controllers in the Site.

Uploading XML files results in “Request Entity Too Large” error

During a manual migration, uploading the application or policy XML files results in the following error: “The remote server returned an error: Request Entity Too Large.” This issue might occur if the XML files are over 100 MB each. Smart Tools supports uploading files no bigger than 100 MB.

Policy migration to XenApp 7.14 fails

Migrating policy settings to a XenApp 7.14 Site fails. This issue occurs because Smart Migrate does not support migrating to a XenApp 7.14 Site. Smart Migrate supports migrating to XenApp 7.x Sites up to Version 7.13 only.

Printer user assignments not migrated

When migrating application and policy settings, printer user assignments are not included. This issue occurs because printer user assignment settings are not supported for migration.