Workspace Environment Management

Configure FSLogix Profile Container using WEM GPO

With Workspace Environment Management (WEM), you can configure FSLogix Profile Container settings without logging on to the domain controller. After uploading the administrative templates (.admx) to WEM, you can configure the policy in WEM just as you usually do on a domain controller. You then assign the policy to desired assignment targets. For precise control, you can also contextualize the assignment using predefined filters.

A general workflow for configuring FSLogix settings using WEM GPO is as follows:

  1. Upload FSLogix-related administrative templates (.admx) to WEM.

  2. Create a GPO to configure FSLogix and then enable the corresponding settings in the GPO.

  3. Assign the GPO to the desired assignment targets.


Before you start, do the following:

  • Install FSLogix on the agent machine.

  • Bundle the “fslogix.admx” and “fslogix.adml” files (available in the installation package of FSLogix) into a zip file, for example,

Import the zip file

WEM supports creating template-based and registry-based GPOs. To create a template-based GPO for FSLogix, upload the zip file as follows:

  1. Enable Group Policy Settings.

    Group Policy Settings

  2. On the Template-based tab, click Manage template. The Manage template wizard appears.

    Manage template

  3. Browse to the zip file and then click Start import.


Create and edit a GPO

For a template-based GPO, you can configure both machine-level and user-level settings. In this example, you don’t need to configure user-level settings.

Complete the following steps:

  1. On the Template-based tab, click Create GPO. The Create GPO with template wizard appears.

  2. In Basic information, fill in the required information.

    Create GPO with template

  3. In Computer configuration, go to Machine > FSLogix > Profile Containers > Container and Directory Naming and configure the following two settings:

    Computer configuration

    • Enabled. Select the setting, set Status to Enabled, and set Options to Enabled.

      Enabled setting

    • VHD location. Select the setting, set Status to Enabled, and type the path to the VHD.

      VHD location

  4. In Summary, verify that you configured the settings as intended and click Done.


Assign the GPO

After creating the GPO, you can assign it to desired assignment targets. You can assign the GPO to different AD groups, just like you assign other actions. A group can contain users and machines. Machine-level settings take effect if the related machine belongs to the group. User-level settings take effect if the current user belongs to the group.

In this example, the GPO is assigned to the “Everyone” Group, with the default “Always True” filter applied.

Manage assignments

After assigning the GPO, go to the target agent machine to confirm that the policy has taken effect.

Configure FSLogix Profile Container using WEM GPO