Workspace Environment Management

Manage (web console)

Start the administration console

  1. Log on to your Citrix Cloud account.
  2. In the Workspace Environment Management (WEM) service tile, click Manage.
  3. In Overview, click Manage Service or click the Manage tab.

Configure your deployment

Use Manage > Web Console to configure WEM settings. The console consists of two panes:

  • The left-hand pane (navigation pane), which displays quick navigation nodes. The following nodes are available:

    • Home. Provides an overview of your WEM deployment along with information necessary for you to get to know and get started with WEM quickly.
    • Configuration Sets. Displays a list of configuration sets.
    • Directory objects. Lets you add machines, groups, OUs, and more, that you want WEM to manage.
    • Monitoring. Displays a dashboard to monitor and troubleshoot your WEM deployment and lets you perform administrative tasks. Click the node to display more items.
    • Files. Lets you manage all your files on your cloud storage in one place.
    • Scripted Tasks. Lets you add scripted tasks that you customize to suit your unique environment management needs. You can then automate those tasks with WEM by configuring them in the applicable configuration set.
  • The right-hand pane, which displays details related to the node you are on.

For information about the settings you can use with the web console, see user interface description (web console).

Manage (web console)