Workspace Environment Management


This tab controls the mapping of printers.


You can use dynamic tokens to extend Workspace Environment Management actions to make them more powerful.

Network printer list

A list of your existing printer resources, with unique IDs. You can use Find to filter your printers list by name or ID.


  • The WEM service currently does not support importing printers using Import Network Print Server on the ribbon.
  • After Windows Update installs KB5005033 on an agent machine, assigned printers do not work. The issue occurs because the update prevents the automatic start of the Windows Print Spooler service. As a workaround, start the service manually.

To add a printer

  1. On the Network Printer List tab, click Add or right-click the blank area and then select Add in the context menu.
  2. In the New Network Printer window, type the required information and then click OK.

Fields and controls

Name. The display name of the printer, as it appears in the printer list.

Description. This field is only shown in the edition/creation wizard and allows you to specify additional information about the resource.

Target Path. The path to the printer as it resolves in the user’s environment.

Printer State. Toggles whether the printer is enabled or disabled. When disabled, it is not processed by the agent even if assigned to a user.

External Credentials. Allows you to state specific credentials with which to connect to the printer.

Self-Healing. Toggles whether the printer is automatically recreated for users when the agent refreshes.

Action Type. Describes what type of action this resource is. For Use Device Mapping Printers File, specify Target Path as the absolute path to an XML printer list file (see XML printer list configuration). When the agent refreshes it parses this XML file for printers to add to the action queue.