Known issues

  • On Windows 10 and Windows 11 machines, certain settings such as environment settings that you configured in the administration console might not work. [WEM-14193]

  • After Windows Update installs KB5005033 on an agent host, assigned printers do not work. The issue occurs because the update prevents the automatic start of the Windows Print Spooler service. As a workaround, start the service manually. [WEM-15028]

  • After you upgrade to Windows Server 2022, the WEM infrastructure service might fail to respond. As a workaround, reinstall the infrastructure service and configure it to connect to the WEM database. [WEM-15353]

  • You might experience performance issues such as slow logon or slow session disconnect when launching or disconnecting from published application sessions. The issue occurs with WEM agent 2106 and later. [CVADHELP-18277, WEM-15475]

For known issues related to WEM service of earlier versions, see Known issues in previous releases.

Known issues