Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops

Screen sharing

Screen sharing allows a user to share a Citrix Virtual Desktop session with others including screen contents, keyboard, and mouse controls.

System requirements

  • Windows: Single-session or multi-session OS VDA
  • Linux: See the Linux VDA documentation for more information on sharing Linux sessions.
  • Only desktop sessions can be shared.
  • There must be network connectivity between the VDA hosting the session and the machines connecting to the shared sessions. Network port requirements are based on ICA ports in use (TCP/UDP 1494 or 2598) and the Screen sharing policy configuration (TCP 52525 to 52625 by default).


Screen sharing must be enabled using Citrix policies. Screen sharing is disabled by default. Configure the screen sharing policy to enable or disable the function and assign the usable network port range.

Enable the graphics status indicator policy to display the user interface that includes controls for sharing and connecting to sessions.

Sharing a session

To share a session, look for the HDX graphics status indicator icon on the Windows notification area. Right-click on it to display the menu and select Screen share > Share my screen.

screen sharing 1

Click Copy to clipboard or manually select and copy the entire string shown in the dialog box. The string can then be pasted into the application of choice, such as an email or IM client, to be distributed to other users.

Click OK or the x to close the dialog box. The connection code can be retrieved from the Screen share > Connection code menu option at any time while the session is shared.

screen sharing 2

A red outline appears around the screen as an indicator that the session is now being shared and is visible by others.

Keyboard and mouse controls can also be shared with other users using the Screen share > Give control menu option.

Use the Screen share > Stop sharing my screen menu option to stop sharing the session and disconnect all users.

screen sharing 3

Connecting to a shared session

To connect to someone else’s sessions, look for the HDX graphics status indicator icon on the Windows notification area. Right-click on it to display the menu and select Screen share > View someone else’s screen.

screen sharing 4

Enter or paste the connection string that was provided by the user sharing the session into the text box. Click Connect to establish the connection.

screen sharing 5

You can request keyboard and mouse controls by clicking the mouse icon on the top left corner of the HDX Screen Sharing Viewer window.

Close the HDX Screen sharing Viewer window to disconnect from the shared session at any time.

screen sharing 6

Other considerations

  • The screen sharing viewer application is included with the VDA in C:\Program Files\Citrix\HDX\bin\TwPlayer.exe and might be deployed as a published application using a Virtual Apps Server. This alternative deployment model allows collaboration with users that don’t have access to a virtual desktop.
  • The number of users allowed to connect to a shared session can be limited using the network port range in the screen sharing policy. One port is required per user. The default range allows 100 users at most.
  • All monitors connected to the session are shared. You cannot select individual monitors.
  • The H.265 video codec isn’t supported.
Screen sharing