Data collection and monitoring

Citrix Analytics

Citrix Workspace app is instrumented to securely transmit logs to Citrix Analytics. The logs are analyzed and stored on Citrix Analytics servers when enabled. For more information about Citrix Analytics, see Citrix Analytics.

Customer Experience Improvement Program (CEIP)

Data Collected Description What we Use it for
Configuration and usage data The Citrix Customer Experience Improvement Program (CEIP) gathers configuration and usage data from Citrix Workspace app for Mac and automatically sends the data to Citrix and Google Analytics. This data helps Citrix improve the quality, reliability, and performance of Citrix Workspace app.

Data collected

As noted above, Citrix collects Citrix Workspace app configuration and usage data to improve the quality, functionality, and performance of Citrix Workspace app, and to allow Citrix to appropriately allocate resources for product development purposes, as well as to maintain service levels and manage staffing and infrastructure investment. The data is used and analyzed in aggregated form only. No user or their machine is singled-out and no analysis is performed on specific end users based on the CEIP data.

The specific CEIP data elements collected by Google Analytics and Citrix Analytics are:

Operating System Version Workspace app version Generic USB Redirection Usage Store configuration
Citrix Enterprise Browser Usage Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops Session Launch Status Auto-update preference Auto-update Status
Session launch method Uninstall information Inactivity Timeout Feature Usage Email Discovery Feature Usage
Custom Web Store Feature Usage Reconnection preferences Global App Configuration service Usage Restore Keyboard Usage
Delete Password Feature Usage Auto-update channel Connection Lease Details USER GUID


  • No data is collected and sent to Google Analytics from users located in the European Union (EU), European Economic Area (EEA), Switzerland, and the United Kingdom (UK).
  • Citrix Enterprise Browser was formerly known as Citrix Workspace Browser.

To disable sending CEIP data to Citrix and Google Analytics, perform the following steps:

  1. On the Preferences window, select Security and Privacy.
  2. Click the Privacy tab.
  3. Select No, Thanks to disable CEIP or to forego participation.
  4. Click OK.


Alternatively, you can disable CEIP by running the terminal command:

defaults write com.citrix.receiver.nomas "CEIPEnabled" -bool NO

Additional Information

Citrix handles your data in accordance with the terms of your contract with Citrix. Your data is protected, according to the Citrix Services Security Exhibit available at the Citrix Trust Center.

Citrix uses Google Analytics to collect certain data from Citrix Workspace app as part of CEIP. Review how Google handles data collected for Google Analytics.

Data collection and monitoring