Fixed issues

Fixed issues in 1903.1

  • Citrix Workspace app for Mac might exit unexpectedly when launching desktop sessions.

  • Certain custom applications might not launch. [RFMAC-2081]

  • When moving the Notepad app, the app might move to the background when two or more apps are active. [RFMAC-2107]

  • When attempting to edit a Citrix Workspace store, the Citrix Files UI appears instead. [RFMAC-2111]

  • When you click the dock icon after launching a seamless app but before the seamless app is ready, the session is no longer seamless.[RFMAC-2139]

  • After waking a Macbook from sleep, Citrix Workspace repeatedly asks for authentication. [RFMAC-2161]

  • After reconnecting to a seamless VDA session, the graphics in the session might be distorted.[RFMAC-2176]

  • When using a local keyboard layout and a Japanese keyboard, deleting uncommitted typed characters might not work correctly. [RFMAC-2287]

Fixed issues in 1901

  • Apps might not launch after upgrading Citrix Workspace app for Mac. [RFMAC-2003]

  • USB audio redirection might not work correctly. [RFMAC-2043]

  • You cannot select drop-down menus in seamless versions of Microsoft Outlook. [RFMAC-2079]

  • Sessions might become unresponsive when using seamless applications. [RFMAC-2083]

  • Sessions might become unresponsive when minimizing or maximizing windows spanning multiple monitors. [RFMAC-2103]

Fixed issues in 1812

  • After checking a tooltip in a Microsoft Office application, a black area remains where the tooltip was displayed. [RFMAC-1793]

  • Sessions might appear blurry when using a Retina display. [RFMAC-1944]

  • Using the three finger swipe gesture on a trackpad in a session running on three monitors might not work correctly. [RFMAC-1968]

  • Citrix Viewer might use App Nap when running in the background. [RFMAC-1979]

  • After a network connection drops, the logon page might take longer than usual to reappear once reconnected to the network. [RFMAC-2001]

  • Pressing Delete might delete more than one character. [RFMAC-2011]

  • VDAs with EDT enabled might become unresponsive when playing YouTube videos for more than three minutes. [RFMAC-2017]

  • If the Citrix Receiver Launcher is registered with Google Chrome, upgrading to Citrix Workspace app doesn’t allow session launches from Chrome. [RFMAC-2020]

  • The Use Video Codec for Compression policy might not work correctly. [RFMAC-2021]

Fixed issues in 1809

  • Sessions that have reconnected might not stay connected. [RFMAC-1823]

Fixed issues in 1808

  • On dual GPU Macs, the client might use the discrete GPU on battery power instead of the more power efficient integrated GPU. [RFMAC-1439]

  • The client might not upgrade correctly when installed with JamF. [RFMAC-1523]

  • USB devices might not appear in a session when attempting to use them for generic USB redirection. [RFMAC-1592]

  • Checking for client updates might fail with a “Problem Checking for Updates” error. [RFMAC-1589]

  • When more than one published app window is open, activating a published application window can result in a different published app window coming to the foreground. [RFMAC-1696]