Citrix Cloud

Sign up for Citrix Cloud

This article walks you through the process of signing up for Citrix Cloud and performing the required tasks for onboarding your account successfully.

What is a Citrix account?

A Citrix account, also known as a account or My Citrix account, enables you to manage access to the licenses you have purchased. Your Citrix account uses an organization ID (OrgID) as a unique identifier. You can access your Citrix account by logging in at with a username (also known as a web login) or your email address, if one is linked to your account.


A username maps to a single, unique Citrix account, but an email address can map to multiple Citrix accounts.

What is an OrgID?

An OrgID is the unique identifier assigned to your Citrix account. Your OrgID is associated with a physical site address, typically your company’s business address. So, companies usually have a single OrgID. However, in some cases, such as having different branch offices or having different departments managing their assets separately, Citrix may allow a single company to have multiple OrgIDs.

Citrix routinely cleans up certain OrgIDs, merging duplicates in some cases. If your company has OrgIDs that you want to merge with a valid and active OrgID, you can contact Citrix Customer Support with the OrgIDs you want merged.


Companies have already set up OrgIDs based on how they want to manage their assets, so if you don’t know what OrgID you need to use or how many OrgIDs you have, contact the IT department or Citrix administrator in your company. If you need help, Citrix Customer Support can also help you locate an OrgID. You can contact Citrix customer support at

What is a Citrix Cloud account?

A Citrix Cloud account enables you to use one or more Citrix Cloud services to securely deliver your apps and data. A Citrix Cloud account is also uniquely identified by an OrgID, just like your Citrix account. It’s important to use the right Citrix Cloud account, based on how your organization has set up OrgIDs, so that your purchases and administrator access can continue on the same OrgIDs. For example, if a company’s design department using OrgID 1234 has been using Virtual Apps and Desktops on-premises and wants to try Citrix Cloud, one of the admins of OrgID 1234 should sign up for Citrix Cloud on that OrgID using a web login or email address associated with that OrgID. So, when the company decides to purchase a Virtual Apps and Desktops subscription, the order can be placed on OrgID 1234 and the transition is smooth.


Users who have access to a particular Citrix account do not automatically have access to the Citrix Cloud account associated with that Citrix account’s OrgID. Because Citrix Cloud access enables users to potentially impact service, it’s important to control who accesses the Citrix Cloud account.

Citrix Cloud OrgID flow

Step 1: Visit the sign-up page

Using a web browser, visit

If you’re an existing Citrix customer or have a or My Citrix account: Select Use a or My Citrix account.

Sign-up page with Use account button

Enter your username and password (also known as your web login) or the email address and password associated with your account.

If you are new to Citrix and Citrix Cloud: Complete the form fields and select Continue.

Sign-up page with blank form

Remember to use your business email address and business address. Using a personal email address or personal address could result in delays when requesting trials.

What happens if the account is already in use?

Account in use warning message

If you see this message, it means that another administrator from your Citrix account has already created the Citrix Cloud account.

Since a Citrix Cloud account allows administrators much greater control on the service, we expect that the first administrator who creates the Citrix Cloud account has to explicitly give access to another administrator, even if the other administrator is already a member of the Citrix account.

By selecting Request Approval, all existing administrators on the account are notified of your request. If the existing administrators are no longer with your organization, please contact Citrix Support.

Step 2: Pick your Citrix Cloud region

Citrix Cloud region selector

A Citrix Cloud region is a geographical boundary within which Citrix operates, stores, and replicates services and data for delivery of Citrix Cloud services. Citrix may use multiple public or private clouds located in one or more countries within the region, including states and provinces, to provide services. For more information about Citrix Cloud regions, refer to Geographical Considerations.


After you select a region, your selection can’t be undone or changed.

Step 3: Verify your email address

Citrix Cloud email confirmation dialog

If you have not verified your email address, you might be asked to verify it. Here’s an example of what you’ll receive:

Citrix Cloud verification email

After you receive the verification email and confirm your email address, your Citrix Cloud account is active.

Step 4: Pick a password


Citrix Cloud prompts you to pick a password only if you are creating a Citrix account for the first time.

Type and confirm your Citrix Cloud password to finish creating your account.

Create password page

The password you select is case-sensitive and must include all of the following criteria:

  • At least 8 characters long
  • At least one upper-case letter
  • At least one number
  • One symbol: ! @ # $ % ^ * ? + = -

Valid passwords cannot include dictionary words. If, after picking your password, Citrix determines your password isn’t sufficiently complex or is listed in a known database of compromised passwords, Citrix Cloud might prompt you to change it the next time you sign in to Citrix Cloud. For more information, see Changing your password.

After your account is created, you can sign in to Citrix Cloud.

Signup complete page

Step 5: Verify your OrgID and invite administrators

Congratulations, you set up your Citrix Cloud account! Before you start using Citrix Cloud, take a moment to verify your OrgID and invite other administrators to help you manage your Citrix Cloud account.

Verify your account OrgID

Make sure your account OrgID matches the OrgID that you use to place orders. One of the benefits of Citrix Cloud is that if you try a service (such as the Virtual Apps and Desktops service) and decide to purchase it, then all the configurations you made in the trial are retained in the purchased service, since the purchase occurs in the same account. So, making sure that the trial starts in the right OrgID saves effort when you decide to purchase.

Your OrgID appears in the top-right corner of the management console, beneath your account name.

OrgID displayed with account name

Invite one or more administrators

Remember, even if your other administrators have access to your Citrix account on, you still need to invite them to the Citrix Cloud account. To do this from the Citrix Cloud management console, click the menu button in the top left corner and select Identity and Access Management. For more information, see Add administrators to a Citrix Cloud account.

Citrix Cloud Identity and Access Managment menu

Step 6: Request trials for Citrix Cloud services

Trials are designed to be tested with your choice of on-premises infrastructure or public cloud, your applications, and your Microsoft Active Directory. You can set up and configure services, workspaces, and resource locations.

During your trial, if you decide that you want to purchase a subscription package, you can do so at any time. All your existing configurations are saved and available for your continued use.

To request a trial, click Request Trial for the service you would like to try. For more information, see Citrix Cloud Service Trials.