Workspace configuration

Citrix Workspace app for Windows supports configuring Workspaces for subscribers, who might be using one or more services available from Citrix Cloud.

Citrix Workspace app will intelligently display only the specific workspace resources to which users are entitled. All your digital workspace resources available in Citrix Workspace app are powered by the Citrix Cloud Workspace experience service.

A workspace is part of a digital workspace solution that enables IT to securely deliver access to apps from any device. This screenshot is an example of what the workspace experience looks like to your subscribers. This interface is evolving and may look different to what your subscribers are working with today. For example, it might say “StoreFront” at the top of the page instead of “Workspace”.


Upgrading to Citrix Workspace app

To upgrade to the new Citrix Workspace app, do any of the following steps:

  • Download the Citrix Workspace app from the Citrix download page and install the app to upgrade from Citrix Receiver to Citrix Workspace app.
  • Upgrade your Citrix Workspace app using your app store.
  • Auto-update to Citrix Workspace app from Citrix Receiver using Citrix Workspace Updates.

Citrix Workspace app for Windows and Workspace for web currently supports Azure Active Directory authentication.

Content Collaboration Service integration in Citrix Workspace app

This release introduces integration of Citrix Content Collaboration Service with Citrix Workspace app. Citrix Content Collaboration enables you to easily and securely exchange documents, send large documents by email, securely handle document transfers to third parties, and access a collaboration space. Citrix Content Collaboration provides many ways to work, including a web-based interface, mobile clients, desktop apps, and integration with Microsoft Outlook and Gmail.

You can access Citrix Content Collaboration functionality from the Citrix Workspace app using the Files tab displayed within Citrix Workspace app. You can view the Files tab only if Content Collaboration Service is enabled in the Workspace configuration in the Citrix Cloud console.


Citrix Content Collaboration integration in Citrix Workspace app is not supported on Windows Server 2012 and Windows Server 2016 due to a security option set in the operating system.

The following image displays example contents of the Files tab of the new Citrix Workspace app:



  • Resetting Citrix Workspace app does not cause Citrix Content Collaboration to log off.

  • Switching stores in Citrix Workspace app does not cause Citrix Content Collaboration to log off.

Configuring download location for Citrix Files using the Registry editor

  1. Launch the Registry editor and navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Citrix\Dazzle\.
  2. Create a String Value key by name DownloadPreference.
  3. Copy and paste the preferred download path for Citrix Files to the Value column.
  4. If you want a prompt for every download, set the Value column to * .

For information about configuring Citrix Files download location using Advanced Preferences UI, see Configuring download location using Advanced Preferences in Citrix Workspace app for Windows Help documentation.

SaaS apps in Citrix Workspace app


  • The SaaS application must support SAML 2.0 authentication to be able to apply the Single Sign-on feature.
  • The Enable enhanced security option must be enabled on the Access Control Service so that the Citrix Workspace Browser is used while rendering a SaaS application. If this is option is not enabled, SaaS apps are launched using the default browser as set on the client.


Citrix Workspace app aggregates the apps, desktops and files that are published both from on-premises and cloud environments for a unified user experience.

Citrix Workspace app includes an embedded Citrix Workspace Browser to launch the SaaS apps.


  • In case of Workspace for Web, SaaS apps are launched only in the default browser as set on the client and not in the Citrix Workspace Browser.
  • The user experience between an ICA session app and a secure SaaS app might vary.

The Citrix Workspace Browser supports operations such as toolbar, clipboard, Print, Download, and Watermark. These operations are applied in Citrix Workspace app as defined in the policy configuration on the Access Control Service.

Operations that you can perform using the Citrix Workspace Browser

Toolbar - When the toolbar option is enabled on an app, you can view the Back, Forward and Refresh options in the launched app. The toolbar also displays an ellipsis that includes Clipboard operations.

Clipboard - When the clipboard access is enabled on an app, you can use the Cut, Copy and Paste options that appear in the toolbar in the launched app. When the option is disabled, the Cut , Copy and Paste options are grayed out.

Print- You can run a print command in the launched app if the print option is enabled. When disabled, the print option does not appear in the launched app.

Navigation - The next and the previous icon appear in the toolbar in the launched app if the navigation option is enabled.

Download - You can download files from the launched app if the download option is enabled. Right-click on the launched app and select Save as. Browse to the desired location and click Download.


When you download a file, a progress bar is not displayed to indicate the status of the download. The download, however, is successful.

Watermark - When the watermark option is enabled, a watermark containing the username and the IP address of the client machine appears in the launched app. The watermark is semi-transparent and cannot be edited to display any other information.


  1. When you launch a published app with print option enabled and download disabled, and give a print command on a launched app, you might be able to save the PDF even when the download functionality is restricted. As a workaround, to strictly disable the download functionality, disable the print option.
  2. Videos embedded in an app might not work.

For more information about Workspace configuration, see Workspace configuration in Citrix Cloud.

Citrix Files download location

You can set the download location using either the Advanced Preferences dialog or the Registry editor.

To configure the download location using the Advanced Preferences dialog, see <>.