Optimize DaaS in Citrix Workspace

You can improve the efficiency and availability of your DaaS apps and desktops with the following options:

Site aggregation

Site aggregation allows you to add your on-premises virtual apps and desktops deployment to your Workspace so that subscribers can access these resources alongside cloud-managed resources.

For more information on site aggregation, see Aggregate on-premises virtual apps and desktops in workspaces.

For more information on scalability limits, see Workspace platform scalability limits.

Direct Workload Connection

Direct Workload Connection uses network locations to switch between internal and external routes to the virtual machines that host your virtual apps and desktops.

With Direct Workload Connection, you allow clients inside your corporate network to switch to direct launches of Citrix DaaS. Direct launches don’t require the HDX connections between clients and VDAs to be proxied through a gateway. Direct Workload Connection requires at least one internal network location.

For more information, visit Optimize connectivity with Direct Workload Connection.

Service continuity

Service continuity ensures that subscribers maintain access to critical apps and desktops through Citrix Workspace app if there’s a Citrix Cloud outage.

Service continuity stores connection leases on client disks that have Citrix Workspace app installed. Connection leases are refreshed periodically when clients access the Workspace store. Clients can then launch Citrix DaaS that they could access before the outage. For more information, visit Service continuity.

Citrix Federated Authentication Service (FAS)

Citrix Workspace supports using Citrix Federated Authentication Service (FAS) for single sign-on (SSO) to Citrix DaaS. FAS allows subscribers using a federated identity provider, such Azure AD or Okta, to enter their credentials only once when they sign in to their workspaces. Without FAS, subscribers using a federated identity provider are prompted to enter their credentials more than once to access their virtual apps and desktops.

Using FAS with Workspace has the following requirements:

  • A FAS server configured as described in the Requirements section of the FAS product documentation.

  • A connection between your FAS server and Citrix Cloud, created through the Connect to Citrix Cloud option in the FAS installer.

  • A connection between your on-premises Active Directory domain and Citrix Cloud, with FAS enabled in Workspace Configuration.

For information about implementing FAS, see Enable single sign-on for workspaces with Citrix Federated Authentication Service.

Optimize DaaS in Citrix Workspace