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A goal of Citrix is to deliver new features and product updates to customers as and when they are available. New releases provide more value, so there’s no reason to delay updates.

To you, the customer, this process is transparent. Initial updates are applied to Citrix internal sites only, and are then applied to customer environments gradually. Delivering updates incrementally helps to ensure product quality and to maximize the availability.

July 21, 2020

GPO Insights

GPO Insights displays client-side extensions (CSEs) taking the longest processing time during the selected time period. GPO Insights are available in the Session Logon Duration subfactor table. Click the Possible Reasons link in the GPOs row, Insights column.

GPO Insights are based on the analysis of user sessions having high GPO execution times. Increased GPO execution times are due to CSEs with long processing time. Optimizing CSE processing improves the overall session logon experience of the user. Average CSE execution time depends on the number and type of policies applied with it. Review and tune policies associated with CSEs taking the longest processing time as indicated in the GPO insights. Further, consider deleting the ones that are not required. For more pointers to improve the processing time of CSEs, see GPO Insights.

June 16, 2020

Improved User Experience Score algorithm

The User Experience score calculation algorithm has been improved. The method for quantifying the experience based on the factors - Session Availability, Session Logon Duration, Session Responsiveness, and Session Resiliency has been optimized. Now, more emphasis is laid on the in-session experience factors.

This update results in a more appropriate classification of users having an excellent, a fair, or a poor experience. You might notice more users being classified as having a fair or a poor experience now. The improved score algorithm enables you to correctly identify poor sessions and resolve issues to improve the user experience. Starting June 2020, the new user classification data appears on your User Experience trend. This change does not affect any classification done earlier.

For more information on the User Experience Score calculation, see the User Experience article.

April 23, 2020

Now, you can search events based on the Endpoint Country or City in the self-service view for User and Session performance data. The self-service view for Session performance data also has filters based on the Session Endpoint OS and Endpoint Version.

This information helps analyze if performance issues are localized to a specific geography, endpoint OS, or version. These filters are available for the Citrix Workspace app for Windows version 1912 and later.

For more information about the usage of these filters in self-service search, see Self-Service Search for Performance.

January 10, 2020

Citrix Analytics for Performance Generally Available

The Citrix Analytics for Performance is a new subscription based offering from the Citrix Analytics service. It allows you to track, aggregate, and visualize key performance indicators of your Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops environment. You can use it to analyze performance issues of Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops Sites both on-premises and on Cloud. For more information, see Performance Analytics.