Citrix Provisioning

Managing administrative roles

The ability to view and manage objects within a Provisioning Server implementation is determined by the administrative role assigned to a group of users. Provisioning Services makes use of groups that already exist within the network (Windows or Active Directory Groups). All members within a group will share the same administrative privileges within a farm. An administrator may have multiple roles if they belong to more than one group.

The following administrative roles can be assigned to a group:

  • Farm Administrator
  • Site Administrator
  • Device Administrator
  • Device Operator

After a group is assigned an administrator role through the Console, if a member of that group attempts to connect to a different farm, a dialog displays requesting that a Provisioning Server within that farm be identified (the name and port number). You are also required to either use the Windows credentials you are currently logged in with (default setting), or enter your Active Directory credentials. Provisioning Services does not support using both domain and workgroups simultaneously.

When the information is sent to and received by the appropriate server farm, the role that was associated with the group that you are a member of, determines your administrative privileges within this farm. Group role assignments can vary from farm to farm.

Managing administrative roles