Citrix Provisioning

Known issues

  • Provisioning Services UEFI target devices do not support the List local hard disk in boot menu option. If you select this option in the boot menu, the system does not boot to hard disk for UEFI target devices. Instead, the system shows the boot menu again after timing out.
  • Provisioning Services supports Windows 10 Fall Creator v1709 with the following known issues:
    • Target device uninstallation hangs on Windows 10 v1709. To resolve this issue, use the in-place upgrade for the target device. [LCM-3219]
    • Windows 10 32 bit v1709 cannot boot from a vDisk in private image mode. [LCM-3224]
  • When using the PVS Setup Wizard to create VMs on a XenServer host while specifying 1 VCPU, the VM is created with 1 VCPU and a topology of “2 cores per socket”. This configuration prevents the VM from booting, while displaying the following error message in XenCenter: “The value ‘VCPU_max must be a multiple of this field’ is invalid for field ‘platforms:cores-per-socket’. As a result, XenCenter fails to boot the VM because the topology and VCPU configuration are incompatible.


  • When creating a vDisk on Ubuntu (version 16.04.2), error messages appear at the beginning and ending of the process. Click OK to continue with the successful creation of the vDisk. This issue does not affect image creation.


  • When using the Linux streaming feature in some localized environments (for example, Japanese) wrong characters appear when using the configuration image wizard.


  • Uninstall fails after a target device is upgraded using the Windows 10 Fall Creator update. Provisioning Services does not support Windows 10 Fall Creator (v1709). However, it does support the latest semi-annual Windows 10 release at the time that version was made available.


  • Unable to create a machine catalog with an on-premises PVS server. This occurs when you try to create a PVS machine catalog from Studio when a PVS machine (from the on-premises PVS server) does not have an AD account associated with it. To resolve the issue, when creating a PVS machine catalog using Citrix Cloud Studio and DDC:
  1. Connect to an on-premises PVS server.
  2. Select a PVS collection.
  3. Import the machines from that collection into a XenDesktop machine catalog. Note: The PVS machines must have AD accounts associated with them.


  • The following Nutanix issues exist at this release:
    • You cannot import an existing PVS collection when using XenDesktop or Studio.
    • When provisioning an Acropolis hypervisor using the XenDesktop Setup Wizard, select a snapshot without a hard disk selected to ensure that the snapshot becomes the new VM.
    • The XenDesktop Setup Wizard reports misleading error messages when invalid credentials are specified while connecting to an Acropolis hypervisor. This issue is consistent with other hypervisor platform error conditions that use invalid credentials.
    • A Nutanix Acropolis hypervisor does not support AVU (automatic vDisk update). [#PVS-2164]
Known issues

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