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Deleting a Provisioning Server

Occasionally, it may be necessary to delete a Provisioning Server from the list of available Provisioning Servers in a farm.

Note: Before you can delete a Provisioning Server, you must first mark the server as down or take the server off line, otherwise the Delete menu option will not appear. The Stream Service can not be deleted.

When you delete a Provisioning Server, you do not affect vDisk image files or the contents of the server drives. However, you do lose all paths to the vDisk image files on that server.

After deleting a Provisioning Server, target devices are no longer assigned to any vDisk image files on that server. The target device records remain stored in the Virtual LAN Drive database, but the device cannot access any vDisk that was associated with the deleted Provisioning Server.

Note: If there are vDisks associated with the Provisioning Server being deleted, it is recommended that backup copies are created and stored in the vDisk directory prior to deleting.

To delete a Provisioning Server:

  1. In the Console, highlight the Provisioning Server that you want to delete, then select Show connected devices from the Action menu, right-click menu, or Action pane. The Connected Target Devices dialog appears.
  2. In the Target Device table, highlight all devices in the list, then click Shutdown. The Target Device Control dialog appears.
  3. Type a message to notify target devices that the Provisioning Server is being shut down.
  4. Scroll to select the number of seconds to delay after the message is received.
  5. If the Stream Service is running on the Provisioning Server, stop the Stream Service (Starting, Restarting or Stopping the Stream Service).
  6. Unassign all target devices from the Provisioning Server.
  7. Highlight the Provisioning Server you want to delete, then choose Delete from the Action menu, right-click menu, or Action pane. A delete confirmation message appears.
  8. Click Yes to confirm the deletion. The Provisioning Server is deleted and no longer displays in the Console.

To decommission a Provisioning Server:

  1. Verify if any provisioned clients are owned by the provisioning server you want to remove. If a provisioned client exists, shut it down.
  2. If provisioned clients are owned by multiple servers, stop the stream service.
  3. In the Citrix Provisioning console on the remaining provisioned server, the server appears as down, or, offline. Select the server, right click, and select Delete in the contextual menu.
  4. Shutdown the system or uninstall the provisioning server.
Deleting a Provisioning Server

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