Citrix Provisioning

Adding target devices to the database

To create target device entries in the Provisioning Services database, select one of the following methods:

After the target device exists in the database, you can assign a vDisk to the device. Refer to assign a vDisk to the device for more details.

Using the Console to manually create target device Entries

  1. In the Console, right-click on the Device Collection where this target device is to become a member, then select the Create Device menu option. The Create Device dialog appears.
  2. Type a name, description, and the MAC address for this target device in the appropriate text boxes. Note: If the target device is a domain member, use the same name as in the Windows domain. When the target device boots from the vDisk, the machine name of the device becomes the name entered. For more information about target devices and Active Directory or NT 4.0 domains, refer to “Enabling Automatic Password Management”
  3. Optionally, if a collection template exists for this collection, you have the option to enable the checkbox next to Apply the collection template to this new device.
  4. Click the Add device button. The target device inherits all the template properties except for the target device name and MAC address.
  5. Click OK to close the dialog box. The target device is created and assigned to a vDisk.

Importing Target Devices Entries

Target device entries can be imported into any device collection from a .csv file. The imported target devices can then inherit the properties of the template target device that is associated with that collection. For more details, refer to Importing Target Devices into Collections.

Adding target devices to the database