Citrix Provisioning

Promoting updated versions

An updated version of the vDisk is not available to Production devices until it is promoted to Production. The update promotion stages include:

  • Maintenance
  • Test
  • Production

Each time a new version is created, the Access setting is automatically set to Maintenance to allow maintenance devices to make updates (read/write). After updates are complete, this version can be promoted from Maintenance to Test (read-only) to allow for testing by test devices, or directly to Production, for use by all target devices.

Note: See Manually updating a vDisk and Automatically updating a vDisk.

After completing an update using the manual method, the new version can be promoted to Test or Production from the vDisk Version dialog’s Promote button. If Production is selected, a release date and time can be set, or the default (Immediate) can be accepted.

After completing an update using the automated update method, vDisk Update Management, the new version is promoted according to the Post Update setting selected when the Update Task Wizard is run. After the automatic update completes, promotion can also be set using the vDisk Version dialog’s Promote button.

If issues exist, the new version can be reverted back from Test to Maintenance (if no active sessions exist), or from Production to either Test or Maintenance (any booted device must be shut down prior to reverting).

In order for Production devices to access the new version after it is promoted to Production, the following also applies:

  • Access setting must be either Default or Override.
  • If the update was scheduled for release, the date and time must be reached.
  • The updated version must be available to all servers in the site.
  • Boot production devices from version is set to Newest released (status is Default) on the vDisk Versions dialog.

Note: If Access displays as blank, this version is considered released to production but is not the version currently selected from which devices should boot.

Promoting updated versions

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