Citrix Provisioning

Showing Provisioning Server connections

To view and manage all target device connections to the Provisioning Server:

  1. Highlight a Provisioning Server in the Console, then select Show connected devices from the Action menu, right-click menu, or Action pane. The Connected Target Devices dialog appears.
  2. Select one or more target devices in the table to perform any of the following connection tasks:

    Option Description
    Shutdown Shuts down target devices that are highlighted in the dialog.
    Reboot Reboots target devices that are highlighted in the dialog.
    Message Opens the Edit Message dialog to allow you to type, and then send a message to target device(s) highlighted in the dialog.

    When selecting Shutdown or Reboot, a dialog opens providing the option to type a message that displays on the effected devices. The Shutdown or Reboot options can be delayed by entering a delay time setting.

If a message appears confirming that the target device was successfully shut down or rebooted, but the icon in the Console window does not change accordingly, select the Refresh button.

Showing Provisioning Server connections