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The announcements in this article are intended to give you advanced notice of features which are being phased out so that you can make timely business decisions. Citrix monitors customer use and feedback to determine when they are withdrawn. This list is subject to change in subsequent releases and may not include every deprecated feature or functionality.

The following features are deprecated. This does not mean that they are removed immediately. Citrix will continue to support them up to and including the next Provisioning Services version that is part of the next XenApp and XenDesktop Long Term Service Release (LTSR). Deprecated items will be removed in a Current Release following the next LTSR. Alternatives for deprecated items are suggested where possible.

For complete details about product lifecycle support, see the Product Lifecycle Support Policy article.

Item Announced in Alternative
Printer management (labeled Enable printer management) in the vDisk Properties screen. 7.12  
In the BDM Media Properties section of the Boot Device Management screen, the term BDM Secure Boot. 7.12 The Protect SDB parameter will replace BDM Secure boot. This new paramter will represent the same level of functionality previously provided by the BDM Secure Boot option. To use this feature: 1. In the Boot Device Management screen, select the Protect SBD checkbox. 2. Optionally select Generate random password (make Media Write-Once), then enter the password and confirmation. 3. Click Burn to create the bootable device.
The vDisk Properties screen will be updated to remove the following options from the Cache Type field: Cache on hard disk. This option will be removed from the list of available parameters on the vDisk Properties screen; this option can still be configured using an API. Cache on hard disk persisted. Note: The cache on hard disk parameter will be removed due to lack of ASLR support. 7.12 Use one of the other available options.

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