Configure workspace control

Workspace control lets applications follow users as they move between devices. This enables, for example, clinicians in hospitals to move from workstation to workstation without having to restart their applications on each device. Workspace control is enabled by default for Citrix Receiver for Web sites. To disable or configure workspace control, you edit the site configuration file.


In multiple server deployments, use only one server at a time to make changes to the configuration of the server group. Ensure that the Citrix StoreFront management console is not running on any of the other servers in the deployment. Once complete, propagate your configuration changes to the server group so that the other servers in the deployment are updated.

  1. On the Windows Start screen or Apps screen, locate and click the Citrix StoreFront tile.
  2. In the left pane, select Stores and in the Action pane, select Manage Receiver for Web Sites, and click Configure.
  3. Select Workspace Control.
  4. Configure default settings for workspace control as follows:

    Workspace control

    • Specify the Logoff action. The logoff actions are as follows:
      • Disconnect: When you log off from the site, the app and desktop sessions are automatically disconnected from the client device.
      • Terminate: When you log off the site, app and desktop sessions are automatically are terminated on the server.
      • None: When users log off from the site, app and desktop sessions remain running.

        Log off actions

    • Select the Enable workspace control check box.
    • Select the Automatically reconnect to the sessions when users logon check box under Automatic reconnections when users logon.

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Configure workspace control

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