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What’s new in 1912 LTSR

Version 1912 of StoreFront includes the following new features and enhancements:

StoreFront Protocol Handler Support now includes Chrome devices with Workspace app for Android

When users on Chrome devices open a Citrix Receiver for Web site, with Citrix Workspace app for Android 1912 or higher installed, the browser automatically opens ICA files using Citrix Workspace app for Android at launch.

The client detection work flow for Android—which determines whether Citrix Workspace app for Android is installed—is now identical to Citrix Workspace app for Windows and Citrix Workspace app for Mac when the Chrome browser is used on Chrome devices. In previous releases, users on Chrome devices were required to manually open a downloaded ICA file first.

Support for app protection policies

StoreFront 1912 supports app protection policies to enhance security when other Citrix components, such as Citrix Workspace app and Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops delivery controllers, also support the app protection feature. App protection policies are set at the Delivery Group level, and Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops determines whether app protection policies are used. You need to manually enable the app protection feature within StoreFront. When StoreFront receives requests containing the HTTP header X-Citrix-AppProtection-Capable from a Citrix Workspace app that supports app protection policies, StoreFront automatically sends a smart access tag to Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops indicating that it supports app protection policies. For details of configuring Delivery Groups with app protection policies, see App protection.

To enable app protection on a StoreFront server, run the following PowerShell command on the StoreFront server: Add-STFFeatureState -Name "Citrix.StoreFront.AppProtectionPolicy.Control" -IsEnabled $True. (In a multiple-server StoreFront deployment, you must manually propagate these changes to all the other servers in the server group. See Propagate local changes to a server group.)

To verify that the feature is enabled on a StoreFront server, use the following PowerShell command: Get-STFFeatureState -Name "Citrix.StoreFront.AppProtectionPolicy.Control.

Desktop Appliance sites no longer supported

StoreFront support for users to access desktops on Desktop Appliance sites was announced as deprecated in Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops 7 1811. At this release, Desktop Appliance sites are no longer supported, and we recommend using Citrix Workspace app Desktop Lock for all non-domain-joined use cases.


When you upgrade to StoreFront 1912, any Desktop Appliance sites in your deployment are automatically removed. See Upgrade StoreFront.

StoreFront PowerShell SDK

The StoreFront PowerShell SDK has been republished as version 1912. You can no longer create or manage Desktop Appliance sites using PowerShell.

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