Workspace Environment Management

Manage non-domain-joined machines

You can use Workspace Environment Management (WEM) to manage non-domain-joined machines in Citrix DaaS Standard for Azure (formerly Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops Standard for Azure) deployments.

This feature enables you to assign policies and settings to non-domain-joined machines as you do with domain-joined machines.

A general workflow to get started with managing non-domain-joined machines is as follows:

  1. In Azure, prepare a master image that has a Citrix VDA and a WEM agent.

  2. Import that image from Azure for use with catalog creation. For more information, see Master images.


    • For this feature to work, you must use WEM agent version 2103.2.0.1 or later. Download the WEM agent from the WEM service’s Utilities tab.
    • For this feature to work, you must select Skip Configuration when installing the agent.
    • By design, the agent running on the virtual machine that is used to create the image cannot connect to the WEM service.
  3. In Citrix DaaS Standard for Azure, create a non-domain-joined catalog. For more information, see Create catalogs.

  4. In the legacy console, add non-domain-joined machines to a WEM configuration set.

    1. Go to the Administration Console > Active Directory Objects > Machines tab, click the down arrow next to Add Object, and then select Add Non-Domain-Joined Computers.

    2. In the Add-Non-Domain-Joined Computers window, select one or more non-domain-joined machines that you want to add to the configuration set. The list displays only non-domain-joined machines that have not yet been added to any configuration sets.

    3. Click Add to add the selected machines and to exit the Add-Non-Domain-Joined Computers window.

  5. Optionally, verify that those machines are registered with the WEM service. To do that, navigate to the Administration Console > Administration > Agents > Statistics tab, double-click a machine you added and then confirm registration information in the Agent Information window.


    Non-domain-joined agent machines automatically register with the WEM service and are added to the default configuration set.

After adding non-domain-joined machines to the WEM service, you can assign policies and settings to those machines as you do with domain-joined machines. However, when you assign policies and settings in the case of non-domain-joined machines, you have only the Everyone assignment option.

Manage non-domain-joined machines

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