Workspace Environment Management

Advanced Settings

Use these settings to control how and when the agent processes actions.

Monitoring preferences

This page contains the following insights-related settings:

  • Optimization and usage insights. Lets you gain insights into application behavior. Use the following option to control whether the agent collects and uploads data for insights.
    • Enable data collection and upload for optimization and usage insights

    After you enable the option, data updates might take a few hours to complete.

  • Profile container insights. Lets you gain insights into profile containers for Profile Management and FSLogix. Use the following option to control whether the agent scans large files on profile containers.

    • Enable large file scanning

      If enabled, run a scan of large files on profile containers when container usage exceeds the specified threshold value. Scanning is limited to once every 24 hours. You can specify what files are treated as large files based on their size.

  • Profile Management health check. Lets you specify the scope of settings to cover in Profile Management health check reports. Health checks run every 24 hours or on demand. Select the Profile Management settings that you want to cover in the reports.


    • To run health checks on demand, use the Run Profile Management health check option in Monitoring > Administration > Agents.
    • Changes you make are reflected only in new reports and do not affect existing reports. Only the latest report is maintained for each agent.
Advanced Settings

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