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WEM health check tool

The WEM health check tool is a standalone tool that checks the status of the WEM components and helps you to identify and resolve configuration issues with your WEM deployment. Citrix.WEM.Health.Check.Tool is installed with the WEM agent and the WEM infrastructure service. You need the local administrator privilege to launch this tool. To collect the logs for troubleshooting purposes, enable Debug mode and then retrieve logs after the problem occurs.

Home page

The Home page includes the following configurations:

  • Configurations for both WEM agent and the WEM infrastructure server. Select the Name, Agent Type, Agent version, and the Join type.
  • The pre-requisite for the Join type can be either an AD joined or a Non-domain joined type.
  • You can enable the Force debug mode or the Debug mode for WEM agent and WEM infrastructure server respectively.
  • When you enable the Force debug mode, the debug mode is turned on for the agent regardless of the settings specified in the Administration console.
  • For the changes to take effect on the WEM agent or the WEM infrastructure server immediately, you can restart the Citrix WEM agent Host Service and VUEMUIAgent.exe or the Citrix WEM Infrastructure Service respectively.
  • Retrieve logs lets you retrieve and save the logs in a zipped folder as a package. You can then check the package saved on your local machine.

Service agent

To check the configuration of the WEM agent, click the Start check button. The following components are considered to generate the health check report.

  • Windows Firewall configuration
  • Connection method
  • Cache location
  • Directory service connection time


  • Ensure that the agent cache resides in a persistent location. Using a non-persistent cache location can cause potential cache synchronization issues, excessive network data usage, performance issues, and so on.
  • We recommend that you set the directory service timeout based on your connection time.

The following services are required for the WEM agent to function as expected. Ensure that the services are running and the startup type for each service is set to automatic.

  • System event notification service
  • Citrix WEM agent host service
  • Citrix WEM user logon service
WEM health check tool