Workspace Environment Management



Starting with WEM agent 2211.1.0.1, agents download configuration data only when needed. This enhancement can reduce bandwidth consumption by up to 50%. See What’s new. We recommend that you upgrade your agents to 2211.1.0.1 or later so that you can reap the benefit.

Citrix maintains all Workspace Environment Management (WEM) service components in your deployment except WEM service agents.

You can upgrade WEM service agents to a newer version without losing any of their existing configurations. This is called an in-place upgrade.

By default, when new versions of the WEM service agent are released, you receive email notifications. You can choose to unsubscribe if you do not want to receive such emails in the future. To do that, go to the WEM service Utilities tab and then click Unsubscribe in the Notifications about new agent versions section.


  • Before upgrading a WEM service agent, ensure that no users are logged on. Doing that ensures that files on agent machines can be changed during the upgrade process.
  • We recommend that you upgrade the agent to the latest version so that you can use the most recent features.

Upgrade the agent

  1. Download the latest WEM service agent package from the WEM service Utilities tab.
  2. Deploy the new WEM service agent on each target machine as described in Install and configure.

Automatic agent upgrade


If you use the automatic agent upgrade feature to roll out agent upgrades to non-persistent machines, the upgrades are reverted after the restart of the machines.

You can use the automatic agent upgrade feature to schedule automatic upgrades for the WEM agent. The feature facilitates regular agent upgrades without the need to roll out agent upgrades manually. The feature also provides flexibility in upgrading your WEM agents:

  • You can specify a time period for which you want WEM to automatically roll out the upgrade to all agent machines in a configuration set.
  • Alternatively, you can choose to enable users to upgrade the agent manually.

For more information, see Create a WEM Agent upgrade task.

Upgrade the agent on demand

You can upgrade your agents from the console on demand. The option is available in both the legacy console and the web console. To use the feature:

  • In the legacy console, go to Administration > Agents, right-click an agent, and then select Upgrade agent to latest version. For more information, see Administration.
  • In the web console, go to Monitoring > Administration > Agents, select one or more agents, click More, and then select Upgrade agent to latest version. For more information, see Administration.