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Citrix maintains all of the Workspace Environment Management (WEM) service components in your deployment except WEM service agents.

You can upgrade WEM service agents to a newer version without losing any of their existing configurations. This is called an in-place upgrade. You can roll out WEM service agents incrementally—for example, when upgrading—but using WEM service agents more than two versions older than the current version has not been tested.


The on-premises WEM agent cannot be used with the Citrix Cloud WEM service. You cannot upgrade the on-premises WEM agent to use it with WEM service.

When new versions of the WEM service agent are released, you are notified in the Citrix Cloud console.


Before upgrading a WEM service agent, ensure that no users are logged in. This ensures that the upgrade process can change the files on that machine.

Upgrade the agent

  1. Download the latest WEM service agent package from the WEM service Downloads tab.
  2. Deploy the new WEM service agent on each target machine as described in Install and configure.
  3. Run the following commands to ensure that the Agent .dll files are correctly precompiled:

    • C:\\Windows\\Microsoft.NET\\Framework64\\v4.0.30319\\ngen.exe update
    • C:\\Windows\\Microsoft.NET\\Framework64\\v4.0.30319\\ngen.exe eqi 3

    (On 32-bit operating systems, the path is C:\\Windows\\Microsoft.NET\\Framework\\v4.0.30319\\ngen.exe instead).

  4. (Optional) Build the agent service cache.