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App connector types

The following table lists the connectors and the types of connectors that are available in XenMobile when you add a Web or SaaS app. You can also add a new connector to XenMobile when you add a Web or SaaS app.

The table indicates whether the connector supports user account management which lets you create new accounts automatically or by using a workflow.

Connector name SSO SAML Supports user account management
EchoSign_SAML Y Y
Globoforce_SAML   Note: When using this connector, you must enable User Management for Provisioning for seamless SSO integration.
GoogleApps_SAML Y Y
GoogleApps_SAML_IDP Y Y
Lynda_SAML Y Y
Office365_SAML Y Y
Salesforce_SAML Y Y
Salesforce_SAML_SP Y Y
SandBox_SAML Y  
SuccessFactors_SAML Y  
ShareFile_SAML Y  
ShareFile_SAML_SP Y  
App connector types

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