XenMobile Server

Release Notes for XenMobile Server 10.14 Rolling Patch 1 Release

These release notes describe enhancements and fixed and known issues for XenMobile Server 10.14 Rolling Patch 1.

What’s New

  • Support for Windows 11 devices. You can now use XenMobile to manage Windows 11 devices. For more information, see the Operating system support list. [CXM-99999]

  • Configure the connection mode and network priority for macOS. In the Wi-Fi device policy, enable the Connection mode setting for macOS devices to choose how users join the network. The device can use the system credentials or credentials entered at the login window to authenticate the user. If you have multiple networks, type a number in the Priority field to set the priority of the network connection. The device chooses the network with the lowest number. For more information, see the macOS settings in Wi-Fi device policy. [CXM-100879]

  • The XenMobile Server will not be able to sync group licenses to Google, because of the deprecation of support for group licenses on Android Enterprise devices by Google. For more information, see this article. [CXM-101209]

Known Issues

Enrolled devices upgraded from macOS 11 or earlier to macOS 12, or devices newly enrolled on macOS12, may display as “Unverified” under System Preferences > Profiles on the device. For more information and a workaround, see this Support article. [CXM-101843]

Fixed Issues

  • After enrolling an iOS 15 or an macOS 12 device, the MDM Configuration profile shows as Not Verified. [CXM-99379]

  • On the XenMobile Server console, when you modify the settings of an app to clear all platforms and save, the app isn’t listed in Configure > Apps. [CXM-99851]

  • You’re unable to exit the Citrix launcher on the Android Enterprise platform. You get the following error: Incorrect password. [CXM-100975]

  • On the XenMobile Server version 10.14, you’re unable to edit the Import iOS & macOS Profile policy. [CXM-102393]

Release Notes for XenMobile Server 10.14 Rolling Patch 1 Release