XenMobile Store and Citrix Secure Hub branding

You can set how apps appear in the store and add a logo to brand Secure Hub and the XenMobile Store. These branding features are available for iOS and Android devices.


Before you begin, make sure you have your custom image ready and accessible.

The custom image must meet these requirements:

  • The file must be in .png format
  • Use a pure white logo or text with a transparent background at 72 dpi.
  • The company logo should not exceed this height or width: 170 px x 25 px (1x) and 340 px x 50 px (2x).
  • Name the files as Header.png and Header@2x.png.
  • Create a .zip file from the files, not a folder with the files inside it.
  1. In the XenMobile console, click the gear icon in the upper-right corner. The Settings page appears.

    Image of Settings configuration screen

  2. Under Client, click Client Branding. The Client Branding page appears.

    Image of Settings configuration screen

    Configure the following settings:

    • Store name: The store name appears on the in the user’s account information. Changing the name also changes the URL used to access store services. You typically do not need to change the default name.


      The Store name can only contain alphanumeric characters.

    • Default store view: Select either Category or A-Z. The default is A-Z
    • Device option: Select either Phone or Tablet. The default is Phone.
    • Branding file: Select an image or .zip file of images to use for branding by, clicking Browse and navigating to the file’s location.
  3. Click Save.

To deploy this package to user devices, create a deployment package and then deploy the package.

XenMobile Store and Citrix Secure Hub branding