XenMobile Server

Release Notes for XenMobile Server 10.15 Rolling Patch 1 Release

These release notes describe enhancements and fixed and known issues for XenMobile Server 10.15 Rolling Patch 1.

What’s New

  • Network Access Control. Use your Network Access Control (NAC) solution to extend the XenMobile device security assessment for Android and Apple devices. Your NAC solution uses the XenMobile security assessment to facilitate and handle authentication decisions. After you configure your NAC appliance, the device policies and NAC filters that you configure in XenMobile get enforced. For more information, see Network Access Control.

  • Secure Hub APNs certificate renewal. The Secure Hub Apple Push Notification Service (APNs) certificate for XenMobile Server 10.15 expires on April 8, 2023. This update renews the Secure Hub APNs certificate, which will expire on March 12, 2024.

Fixed Issues

  • You get an error when editing or deploying the Managed configuration policy on Android Enterprise devices. [CXM-107297]
  • On iOS devices enrolled in MAM-only mode, you’re unable to install enterprise or MDX apps from the Secure Hub store. [CXM-107515]
  • After configuring the track ID of an app, you’re unable to view the expected preview version of the app on the XenMobile Server console. Instead you see the production version of the app. [CXM-107517]
  • On the XenMobile Server, you’re unable to install MDX wrapped apps from the Secure Hub store when the Provisioning profile device policy is in pending status. [CXM-107573]
  • Post MDM profile renewal, the ABM shared iPads go to unmanaged status. [CXM-107908]
Release Notes for XenMobile Server 10.15 Rolling Patch 1 Release