XenMobile Server

Fixed issues

XenMobile 10.16 includes the following fixed issues:

  • After upgrading to XenMobile Server 10.16 version, XenMobile Server has stopped sending logs to Syslog Server. [CXM-115977]
  • Firebase Cloud Messaging using HTTP v1 API fails to function properly when a proxy is configured. [CXM-115997]
  • On the iOS devices enrolled in MAM-only mode, you’re unable to install enterprise or MDX apps from the Secure Hub store. [CXM-106307]
  • An error is displayed when you are editing or deploying the Managed configurations policy on the Android Enterprise devices. [CXM-107160]
  • After configuring the track ID of an app, you’re unable to see the expected preview version of the app on the XenMobile Server console. Instead, you see the production version of the app. [CXM-107516]
  • On the XenMobile Server, you’re unable to install the MDX wrapped apps from the Secure Hub store when the Provisioning profile device policy is in pending status. [CXM-107574]
  • After MDM profile renewal, the ABM shared iPads go to unmanaged status. [CXM-107906]
  • You’re unable to configure the Enterprise apps on the Android platform when using the algorithm APK Signature Scheme v2 and later. [CXM-108344]
  • You are unable to export devices using the device/filter API. [CXM-108367]
  • If you are enrolling the android or iOS devices with both MAM and MDM using nFactor authentication policies in the NetScaler, then the device gets enrolled with MDM only. [CXM-108721]
  • When you export the configuration scripts of the Citrix Gateway Authentication on XenMobile Server versions 10.14 or later, the scripts are truncated and they don’t work. [CXM-108917]
  • On the XenMobile Server, you’re unable to re-edit the synced VPP apps whose description contains \b. [CXM-109000]
  • On XenMobile Server versions 10.15 and later, the Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP) isn’t responding to requests. [CXM-109144]
  • On the XenMobile Server, you’re unable to enroll the devices that are running on Windows 11. [CXM-109573]
  • On Android devices, when you switch from the legacy MDX Toolkit to MAM SDK, the Secure Mail app is removed from the Secure Hub Store. [CXM-109874]
  • On the XenMobile Server console, you’re unable to see the Rapid Security Response (RSR) version. [CXM-109920]
  • You’re unable to download apps from the Managed Google Play Accounts. [CXM-110062]
  • After upgrading to XenMobile Server 10.16, the existing iOS Restrictions device policies that use “Restricted App usage” fail to deploy on the iOS devices. [CXM-110588]
  • You aren’t able to deploy the Webclip device policy on the iOS-shared devices when you are using ABM or ASM configurations. [CXM-112062]
  • You are unable to see the Organize Apps button on the Configure > Apps page for Android Enterprise > Managed Google Play Store apps. [CXM-112126]
  • You’re unable to see any values in the CA certificate drop-down menu while configuring the Wi-Fi policy for the Android Enterprise platform. Only Select certificate option is displayed. [CXM-112276]

  • For fixed issues in version 10.15.0 rolling patch release, see:

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Fixed issues