Fixed issues

XenMobile 10.14 includes the following fixed issues:

  • Upon upgrading to XMS 10.12, there are problems with the dashboard view on the XenMobile Server console. [CXM-88918]
  • Enrollment of Apple Deployment Programs (formerly DEP) fails on Apple devices when Generic PKI is configured. [CXM-89978]
  • Additional permissions are required to edit enrollment profiles, when you log in with role-based access control (RBAC). [CXM-89985]
  • On the XenMobile Server console, you are unable to edit the Managed Configurations policy for the Chrome app. [CXM-89986]
  • On the iOS platform, when you edit a VPN policy whose Connection type is AlwaysOn IKEv2 Dual Configuration, you get an error. [CXM-90010]
  • Enrollment of Android Enterprise devices with SamAccountName fails, and you get the following error: “Work profile deleted, wiping profile”. [CXM-90049]
  • The database doesn’t accept usernames beginning with a lowercase “u”. [CXM-90722]
  • The XenMobile Server console displays the Integrated Circuit Card ID (ICCID) for devices that have no SIM card inserted. [CXM-90845]
  • The enrollment of Apple Device Enrollment Program (DEP) fails on the devices running iOS 14. [CXM-91697]
  • On the XenMobile Server console, the correct root certificate expiration date is not displayed. [CXM-91961]
  • On the XenMobile Server, the NetScaler Gateway connectivity checks don’t display a result. [CXM-93129]
  • When you add SNMP users to the XenMobile Server console, the users don’t appear under the SNMP Monitoring Users list or the SNMP agents become inactive. [CXM-93197]
  • If you enable both the Enable system apps and Disable applications settings for the same app in the restriction device policy, the app still appears in the work profile. [CXM-93671]
  • The server property ios.mdm.apns.connectionPoolSize is hidden when you switch to the HTTP/2 based API for APNs. [CXM-95478]
  • On XenMobile Server version 10.12, you can’t modify the VPP properties on certain apps. [CXM-96796]
  • Apple volume purchase apps installed on devices automatically update to the latest version when the App auto update setting is disabled. [CXM-96855]
  • On XenMobile Server version 10.13 when you configure the proxy server under the CLI, you can’t send notifications to Secure Hub running on iOS devices. [CXM-97609]
  • On XenMobile Server version 10.13, you get an error while accessing Device details. This error occurs when the device property has a value in ”“. [CXM-97952]

  • For fixed issues in version 10.13.0 rolling patch release, see:

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Fixed issues