Fixed issues

XenMobile 10.10 includes the following fixed issues.

  • For fixed issues related to mobile productivity apps, see Secure Hub, Secure Mail, and Secure Web.

  • For fixed issues in version 10.9.0 rolling patch releases, see:

  • In the Configure > Device Policies and Configure > Apps pages: When you sort the lists by Type, the items don’t appear in the correct order. [CXM-43565]
  • In the Analyze > Reporting page, Export graph as PDF doesn’t work for the Safari browser. [CXM-45716]
  • When renewing a certificate authority for macOS devices, if the renewal fails, the CA renewal status is inconsistent. [CXM-55079]
  • On a server cluster, if you generate a new certificate authority (CA) on a node, you can’t activate the default CA on any other node. [CXM-55293]
  • For Android devices, when a certificate renewal does not succeed or is cancelled, checking the Delivery Group logs shows that the enrollment certificate renewal completed successfully. [CXM-55352]
  • In Android Enterprise devices, when you Configure -> Apps -> Click an already added app -> Edit -> App Category, they are not reflected on Google Play Store. [CXM-57124]
  • The query used to extract Device Filters in the XenMobile console triggers multiple counts. That activity increases CPU consumption and reduces performance. [CXM-59801]
  • The query used to extract User Filters in the XenMobile console triggers multiple counts. That activity increases CPU consumption and reduces performance. [CXM-60255]
  • When you enroll a device in the Profile Owner mode, Android Enterprise apps are not available. [CXM-60621]
  • In XenMobile Server console, the license count shown is not in sync with the number of enrolled devices. [CXM-60668]

    To correct the license count shown:

    • Set the server property license.clean.task.activate to true.
    • Then, a nightly clean task can be activated
  • If you deployed a Store device policy for iOS/Android/Windows 10 Desktop and Tablet devices before release 10.10: When a user selects the iOS/Android/Windows store link in the Start menu, the message “500 Internal Server Error” or “HTTP Status 401 - Either you have reached an old URL or this device is not registered” appears. To resolve this issue, you must recreate and deploy your Store device policy. [CXM-61408]
  • When you approve a new Android Enterprise app and assign it to a delivery group in the XenMobile Server console, the app does not appear in the Play Store app on the device. [CXM-61534]
  • Performing the full or partial wipe security action on devices running Android 7.0 or later does not remove the device from the XenMobile Server console. This device does not undergo a factory reset and remains listed in the console. [CXM-61535]
  • If you are running Microsoft SQL 2019, you can only upgrade to XenMobile Server version 10.10 and not to earlier versions. [CXM-64174]