Fixed issues

XenMobile 10.13 includes the following fixed issues:

  • XenMobile Server experiences a communications error with Apple Deployment Programs (formerly DEP). For more information, see https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX267079. [CXM-76053]
  • Unable to upload iOS public apps in the App Store using App Store URL. [CXM-76900]
  • User ID on a single device is mapped to several user IDs. [CXM-76915]
  • Intermittent deadlocks in the database server cause enrollment failures. [CXM-77336]
  • Administrators with the RBAC permission to send enrollment invitations can export unlimited invitations. [CXM-77340]
  • Unable to upload iOS public apps in the App Store using the public APIs for XenMobile. [CXM-77656]
  • For a few installed apps, the version is blank for the app inventory shown on the Manage > Devices > Device Details page. [CXM-79025]
  • You can’t use the XenMobile Server console to edit the Exchange device policy. [CXM-79080]
  • You can’t use the XenMobile Server console to update the version for some VPP apps. You get the following error: A configuration error occurred. Please try again. [CXM-79728]
  • Apple iTunes volume purchase apps can’t synchronize with XenMobile. [CXM-80064]
  • Unable to use the managed configurations device policy with a Knox Service plugin application. [CXM-80233]
  • You are unable to import the enterprise.config file on the XenMobile Server. You get the following error: Failed to import certificate. [CXM-80737]
  • Required and optional MDX apps added post enrollment are not displayed in Play Store. [CXM-80961]
  • You can’t access the XenMobile Server console using customized ports. [CXM-81841]
  • You can’t configure multiple bookmarks due to the character limit in the Managed bookmarks field. [CXM-82524]
  • On the XenMobile Server, Check for Updates doesn’t work for App details. [CXM-84259]
  • On the XenMobile Server, you can’t install apps from Managed Google Play when you enrol with SamAccountName. [CXM-84973]
  • The mobile device management (MDM) enrollment of devices running iOS 14 fails consistently when the server property ios.mdm.enrollment.installRootCaIfRequired is set to true.[CXM-85028]
  • Two PKC12 certificates are created for the same user, resulting in intermittent access to the internal network for that user. [CXM-87288]

  • For fixed issues related to mobile productivity apps, see Secure Hub, Secure Mail, and Secure Web.

  • For fixed issues in version 10.12.0 rolling patch release, see:

Fixed issues