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Fixed issues

Oct 06, 2017

XenMobile 10.7 includes the following fixed issues.

For fixed issues related to XenMobile Apps, see Fixed issues.

Delivery groups might show a pending deployment status even though the apps associated with the devices in those delivery groups are successfully installed. [#654162, CXM-21771]

After you update the obfuscated APK file for some Android apps in the XenMobile console, the older version appears in the details and the updated version doesn't deploy to devices. [CXM-25629]

When you create a Send Notification action that is set to repeat 0 times, iOS and Android users get spammed with notifications. [CXM-31790]

After an upgrade from XenMobile 10.4 to 10.5: When enrolling iOS and Android devices, MAM enrollment fails if LDAP is managed with Global Catalog and the client property SEND_LDAP_ATTRIBUTES is configured. MDM enrollment succeeds. [CXM-32408]

When you click Export on the Manage > Users page: If there are more than 10,000 users, the download takes a very long time. [CXM-32425]

If a VPN Connection name has a space, or other non-alphanumeric characters, XenMobile doesn't deploy the policy to devices. [CXM-32538]

After you enroll an iOS device in Secure Hub, XenApp or XenDesktop applications from a non-default category appear without an icon. If users click on such applications, the error message "Failed to get application details, please try again later" appears. [CXM-32575]

On the XenMobile Settings > Google Play Credentials page: After you type the settings and click Save, the message "Email or password incorrect" appears intermittently. This error is due to an update from Google. [CXM-32847]

On the Android platform page for the VPN device policy, for the Citrix VPN connection type: The following labels aren't translated in the German, Korean, and Simplified Chinese versions of the XenMobile console:

  • Password and Certificate (an Authentication type option)
  • Application List, App Package Name [CXM-33640]
  • You might have intermittent difficulties accessing the XenMobile Server console because of high memory usage. [CXM-35069]

After saving edits to remove the Device Model property from an iOS device in Manage > Devices and then clicking Export, the "500 Internal Error"' message appears. [CXM-36495]

Over-the-air enrollment for iOS devices fails intermittently. The error message "Profile installation failed" appears. [CXM-37001]

The XenMobile REST API doesn't allow you to select multiple platforms when creating an enrollment invitation. [CXM-35853]

The Full Wipe security action fails on enrolled devices running macOS High Sierra (10.13 beta3) with the Apple File System (APFS). [CXM-36397]

The enrollment URL link in an enrollment invitation might fail to resolve to the enrollment URL. To prevent this issue, ensure that the template you choose contains macros compatible with the platforms you selected when creating the enrollment invitation. Use these new macros when creating enrollment URL templates:

${enrollment.urls}, ${enrollment.ios.url}, ${enrollment.macos.url}, ${}, ${enrollment.ios.platform}, ${enrollment.macos.platform}, ${}, and ${enrollment.agent}

The older ${enrollment.url] still works for enrollment invitations that have only one platform selected. [CXM-37513]

After you use the XenMobile CLI to edit the proxy exclusion list and then restart the server, the list appears truncated in the CLI. This issue only affects the display of the list. [CXM-37812]

When you submit a macro on the Troubleshooting and Support > Macros page, the "Failed to get macro information" message appears. [CXM-37940]