Fixed issues

XenMobile 10.9 includes the following fixed issues.

For fixed issues related to mobile productivity apps, see the page for each app at Secure Hub, Secure Mail, and Secure Web.

In Configure > Device Policies > App Lock Policy: After you type the policy name and go to the iOS page, bundle IDs don’t appear in the App bundle ID menu. After you toggle between Android and iOS, the app bundle IDs appear. [CXM-39302]

After upgrading to XenMobile Server 10.7 or later and enrolling a device: The license count shown in the XenMobile console is much greater than the actual number of enrolled devices. This issue is due to a third-party component. [CXM-40533]

If a DEP account is an EDU organization. You can’t change the DEP setting “Require credentials for device enrollment” in XenMobile Server 10.7. The option is always enabled and can’t be turned off. [CXM-51174]

After adding a custom property with a special character, you can’t access the Devices page on the XenMobile console. [CXM-51714]

When users who are enrolled in XenMobile Server through “email enrollment” attempt to change the User Principal Name (UPN) in Active Directory, the device goes to an unmanaged state causing an App Wipe/Lockout. However, when the user attempts to re-enroll with the new UPN, the users are directed back to the First Time Use (FTU) screen. To enable the fix, set the custom server property “refresh.user.using.objectguid” to “true”. [CXM-52783]

After a user enrolls into Android for Work on a Samsung device by using a QR code, apps and policies aren’t deployed to the device. [CXM-53973]

When enrolling devices using Android for Work, users’ UPNs do not map to their existing G Suite User ID. Instead, a new G Suite User ID is created. [CXM-53977]

With no https proxy configured, you can’t send SMS messages through the Nexmo SMS gateway. [CXM-54308]

You can’t use the public REST API to deploy delivery groups. [CXM-55251]

When the server property “” is not set, adding a value to the User Defined#1 device details property does not display properly. [CXM-55394]

When you install an iOS enterprise app without an app version on a device, the iOS profile inventory doesn’t get updated in XenMobile. [CXM-55549]

After updating from XenMobile 10.6 to 10.8 RP1, the web console sometimes becomes unresponsive after an admin logs in. An error message displays “TypeError: this.featureFlags is undefined”. [CXM-55550]

The number of results visible on Manage > Users > Local Groups is now 500. [CXM-55601]

Enterprise apps don’t silently upgrade on supervised devices running iOS 11.4 or later. [CXM-55607]

Third party B2B VPP Secure apps don’t show as installed in Secure Hub. [CXM-55889]

Fixed issues

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