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Automatically update managed apps device policy

This policy controls how installed managed apps are updated on Android Enterprise devices. You can restrict the ability of users to allow automatic updates of apps on their devices. If you allow users to control automatic updates for apps on their devices, they set automatic app update policies in the managed Google Play store.

To add or configure this policy, go to Configure > Device Policies. For more information, see Device policies.

Device Policies configuration screen

  • Automatically Update Managed Apps
    • Always: Enables automatic app updates. Always is the default.
    • Allow user to configure policy: Allows the user to configure the automatic app update policy for the device in the managed Google Play store.
    • Never: Disables automatic app updates.
    • Only when device is connected to Wi-Fi: Allows automatic app updates only when the device is connected to Wi-Fi.
  • App update priority: If On, you can configure an update priority level for each managed app.
  • Set priority for updating apps: Click Add to configure update priority for an app.

    Set priority

  • Available apps: Select an app from the menu to configure the update priority.
  • App auto-update priority: Select an update priority from the following:
    • Auto update low priority: App updates when the device is charging, not actively being used, and connected to an unmetered network.
    • Auto update high priority: App updates as soon as possible, without constraints.
    • Auto update postponed: The app isn’t updated automatically for a maximum of 90 days after a new version is available. After 90 days, the app updates automatically with low priority. After the app updates, the app doesn’t update automatically for another 90 days. The user can update the app manually at any time.
  • Click Save when you’re done. You can edit a configuration by clicking the pencil icon. Delete the configuration by clicking the trash can.
Automatically update managed apps device policy

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