Roaming device policy

You can add a device policy in XenMobile to configure whether to allow voice and data roaming on users iOS and Windows Mobile/CE devices. When voice roaming is disabled, data roaming is automatically disabled. For iOS, this policy is available only on iOS 5.0 and later devices.

To add or configure this policy, go to Configure > Device Policies. For more information, see Device policies.

iOS settings

  • Disable voice roaming: Select whether to disable voice roaming. When this option is enabled, data roaming is automatically disabled. The default is Off, which allows voice roaming.
  • Disable data roaming: Select whether to disable data roaming. This option is available only when voice roaming is enabled. The default is Off, which allows data roaming.

Windows Mobile/CE settings

  • While roaming
    • Use on-demand connection only: The device only connects to XenMobile if users manually trigger the connection on their devices, or if a mobile application requests a forced connection (such as a push mail request if the Exchange Server has been set accordingly). Note that this option temporarily disables the default device connection schedule policy.
    • Block all cellular connections except the ones managed by XenMobile: Except for the data traffic officially declared in a XenMobile application tunnel or other XenMobile device management task, no other data is sent or received by the device. For example, this option disables all connections to the Internet through the device’s web browser.
    • Block all cellular connections managed by XenMobile: All application data transiting through a XenMobile tunnel is blocked (including XenMobile Remote Support). The data traffic related to pure device management, however, is not blocked.
    • Block all cellular connections to XenMobile: In this case, until the device is either reconnected through USB, WiFi, or its default mobile operator cellular network, there is no traffic transiting between the device and XenMobile.
  • While domestic roaming
    • Ignore domestic roaming: No data is blocked while users roam domestically.
Roaming device policy