Release Notes for XenMobile Server 10.14 Rolling Patch 4 Release

These release notes describe enhancements and fixed and known issues for XenMobile Server 10.14 Rolling Patch 4.

What’s New

Enable WSDL service. To enable the WSDL service on the XenMobile Server, set the value of the server property wsdl.service.enabled to True. It’s required when you’re using the ActiveSync gateway connector. The default value is False. [CXM-103017]

For information about previous rolling patches for XenMobile Server 10.14.0, see Release notes for Rolling Patches.

Fixed Issues

  • On some Android Enterprise devices, delivery groups and assigned policies or apps are not applied intermittently. [CXM-102044]

  • On XenMobile Server version 10.13, you’re unable to connect and configure the storage zones controller with storage zone connectors-only. [CXM-102661]

  • On iOS devices enrolled in the MDM only mode, you’re unable to add apps through browsers opened by Secure Hub from the App Store. You get the following error: Your sign on has expired. Please sign on again to continue. [CXM-102664]

  • On XenMobile Server versions 10.13 RP1 and later, the XenMobile inter-node connectivity trap of SNMP monitoring does not work. [CXM-102753]

  • On the XenMobile Server, the wrong time is displayed in the W-SU time zone. [CXM-102856]

Release Notes for XenMobile Server 10.14 Rolling Patch 4 Release

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