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Oct 12, 2015


Name Description
ProvMachineCreationSnapin The Machine Creation Service PowerShell snap-in provides administrative
Prov Filtering Describes the common filtering options for XenDesktop cmdlets.
providers Describes how Windows PowerShell providers provide access to data and


Name Description
Add-ProvSchemeControllerAddress Adds a list of host names (as DNS addresses) to a provisioning scheme.
Add-ProvSchemeMetadata Adds metadata on the given ProvisioningScheme.
Add-ProvSchemeScope Add the specified ProvisioningScheme(s) to the given scope(s).
Add-ProvTaskMetadata Adds metadata on the given Task.
Get-ProvDBConnection Gets the database string for the specified data store used by the MachineCreation Service.
Get-ProvDBSchema Gets a script that creates the MachineCreation Service database schema for the specified data store.
Get-ProvDBVersionChangeScript Gets a script that updates the MachineCreation Service database schema.
Get-ProvInstalledDBVersion Gets a list of all available database schema versions for the MachineCreation Service.
Get-ProvObjectReference Returns the number of local objects holding references to objects from other services.
Get-ProvScheme Gets the list of provisioning schemes.
Get-ProvSchemeMasterVMImageHistory Gets the list of master VM snapshots that have been used to provide hard disks to provisioning schemes.
Get-ProvScopedObject Gets the details of the scoped objects for the MachineCreation Service.
Get-ProvService Gets the service record entries for the MachineCreation Service.
Get-ProvServiceAddedCapability Gets any added capabilities for the MachineCreation Service on the controller.
Get-ProvServiceConfigurationData Gets configuration data for the service.
Get-ProvServiceInstance Gets the service instance entries for the MachineCreation Service.
Get-ProvServiceStatus Gets the current status of the MachineCreation Service on the controller.
Get-ProvTask Gets the task history for the MachineCreation Service.
Get-ProvVM Gets the VMs that were created using Citrix XenDesktop Machine Creation Services.
Lock-ProvVM Locks a VM.
New-ProvScheme Creates a new provisioning scheme.
New-ProvVM Creates a new virtual machine.
Publish-ProvMasterVmImage Update the master image associated with the provisioning scheme.
Remove-ProvScheme Removes a provisioning scheme
Remove-ProvSchemeControllerAddress Removes metadata from a provisioning scheme.
Remove-ProvSchemeMasterVMImageHistory Removes the history of provisioning scheme master image VMs.
Remove-ProvSchemeMetadata Removes metadata from the given ProvisioningScheme.
Remove-ProvSchemeScope Remove the specified ProvisioningScheme(s) from the given scope(s).
Remove-ProvServiceConfigurationData Removes configuration data from the service.
Remove-ProvServiceMetadata Removes metadata from the given Service.
Remove-ProvTask Removes from the database completed tasks for the MachineCreation Service.
Remove-ProvTaskMetadata Removes metadata from the given Task.
Remove-ProvVM Removes virtual machines.
Rename-ProvScheme Renames a provisioning scheme.
Reset-ProvServiceGroupMembership Reloads the access permissions and configuration service locations for the MachineCreation Service.
Set-ProvDBConnection Configures a database connection for the MachineCreation Service.
Set-ProvScheme Changes the parameter values for a provisioning scheme.
Set-ProvSchemeMetadata Adds or updates metadata on the given ProvisioningScheme.
Set-ProvServiceConfigurationData Sets the value for the given key in the service configuration data.
Set-ProvServiceMetadata Adds or updates metadata on the given Service.
Set-ProvTaskMetadata Adds or updates metadata on the given Task.
Stop-ProvTask Stops currently running MachineCreation Service tasks.
Switch-ProvTask Moves all MachineCreation Service tasks from the current execution host to another.
Test-ProvDBConnection Tests a database connection for the MachineCreation Service.
Test-ProvSchemeNameAvailable Checks to ensure that the proposed name for a provisioning scheme is unused.
Unlock-ProvScheme Unlocks a Provisioning Scheme.
Unlock-ProvVM Unlocks a VM.