Set up workspaces

Citrix Workspace is a complete digital workspace solution that allows your end-users to get work done anywhere, at any time, on any device. Users sign in to Citrix Workspace, either through their web browser or through a Workspace app that’s installed on their device. After signing in, users can access the applications and desktops that they’re authorized to use.

Workspace features

  • Enable single sign-on through the Citrix Federated Authentication Service.
  • Create a sign-in policy for your end-users that describes the appropriate use of your organization’s resources.
  • Use network locations to ensure that your internal users can connect quickly to their workspace resources and that your internal users are routed to their workspace through Citrix Gateway.
  • Allow your end-users to change their domain password when needed, without leaving Citrix Workspace.
  • Use site aggregation to provide access to resources in your on-premises Virtual Apps and Desktops deployment through Citrix Workspace instead of StoreFront.
  • Enable service continuity to ensure that your end-users can still access their workspace resources in the event of a cloud service outage.

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Configure workspaces

After setting up your Citrix DaaS deployment, configure your workspace by performing the following tasks:

  1. Enable the service integration with Citrix Workspace. The service integration for Citrix DaaS might still retain the former name, Virtual Apps and Desktops. See Integrate services into workspaces in the Citrix Workspace documentation.
  2. In Workspace Configuration > Authentication select the identity provider you configured earlier as your preferred workspace authentication method for your end-users.
  3. Configure secure access to your workspace for remote end-users through an on-premises Citrix Gateway or the Citrix Gateway service.
  4. Configure workspace features such as single sign-on and service continuity.

Customize your workspace

  1. Customize the default theme of your workspace.
  2. Customize the Workspace URL that your end-users will access.
  3. Customize how favorite apps and desktops appear to end-users in their workspace.
  4. Configure inactivity timeouts for end-users accessing their workspace from a web browser or through Workspace app.
  5. Customize how your end-users launch the apps and desktops that you deliver through your Citrix DaaS deployment.
Set up workspaces