The announcements in this article give you advanced notice of platforms, Citrix products, and features that are being phased out. Using these announcements, you can make timely business decisions.

Citrix monitors customer use and feedback to determine when they’re withdrawn. Announcements can change in subsequent releases and might not include every deprecated feature or functionality.

Deprecated items aren’t removed immediately. Citrix continues to support them in this release but they’ll be removed in the future.

Item Deprecation announced in Removed in / To be removed in Alternative
XenApp Services (also known as PNAgent) 2405 - Within Citrix workspace app, connect to stores using the store URL rather than the XenApp Services URL.
Fedora Linux 2405 To be removed in August 2024 Not applicable
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 2405 To be removed in August 2024 Not applicable
SoftwareMouse 2402 2405 Not applicable
invert-cursor 2402 2405 32-bit cursor and gray cursor
Support for WebRTC SDP format (Plan B) 2309   Upgrade Citrix Workspace app to a supported version.
Support for Single Window mode in Microsoft Teams Optimization 2309   Upgrade Citrix Workspace app to a version that supports MultiWindow mode. For more information, see Feature matrix and version support.
Citrix Workspace app for Linux (x86) 2305 2311 Not applicable
minica 2305 2311 Not applicable 2303 To be removed in August 2024 There will be a new interface for H.264.
Raspberry Pi 3/3B support 2405 To be removed in May 2024 Not applicable
GDI 2311 2405 Not applicable
ARMHF 2303 2405 ARM64
GTK2 2209 2405 GTK3
GStreamer 0.1 2205 2311 GStreamer 1.0
Web Packages 2010 2101 Full Packages
SUSE 11 SP3 Full Package (Self-Service Support) RPM package 1908 1910 Not applicable
pacexec binary 1912 1912 Not applicable
pnabrowse - 2103 Storebrowse
Flash Redirection 2006 2006 Use Browser Content Redirection (BCR)

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