Citrix Virtual Channel SDK

The Citrix Virtual Channel Software Development Kit (SDK) supports writing server-side applications and client-side drivers for extra virtual channels using the ICA protocol.

The server-side virtual channel applications are on Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops or Citrix DaaS (formerly Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops service) servers.

If you want to write virtual drivers for other client platforms, contact Citrix Technical support.

The Virtual Channel SDK provides:

  • The Citrix Virtual Driver Application Programming Interface (VDAPI) used with the virtual channel functions in the Citrix Server API SDK (WFAPI SDK) to create new virtual channels. The virtual channel support provided by VDAPI makes it easy to write your own virtual channels.
  • Working source code for several virtual channel sample programs that demonstrate programming techniques.
  • The Virtual Channel SDK requires the WFAPI SDK to write the server side of the virtual channel.

For more information, see Citrix Virtual Channel SDK for Citrix Workspace app for Linux.

Command-line Reference

For information on command-line reference and parameters, see Citrix Workspace app for Linux Command Reference.

Platform Optimization SDK

As part of the HDX SoC initiative for Citrix Workspace app for Linux, we’ve introduced the ‘Platform optimization SDK’.

This SDK enables an ecosystem of low-cost, low-power, and high-performance devices with innovative form factors.

Developers can use the Platform Optimization SDK to improve the performance of Linux-based devices. This SDK allows developers to create plug-in extensions for the ICA engine component (wfica) of Citrix Workspace app. Plug-ins are built as shareable libraries and wfica loads these libraries dynamically.

These plug-ins can help you optimize the performance of your Linux devices, enabling the following functions:

  • Provide accelerated decoding of JPEG and H.264 data used to draw the session image
  • Control the allocation of memory used to draw the session image
  • Improve performance by taking control of the low-level drawing of the session image
  • Provide graphics output and user input services for OS environments that do not support X11

For information, see Citrix Workspace app for Linux - Platform Optimization SDK.

Availability of Credential Insertion SDK for cloud stores

Previously, using the Credential Insertion SDK, you could authenticate only on on-premises stores. Starting with the Citrix Workspace app for Linux version 2402, you can now authenticate users on the Self-Service plug-in using SSO on cloud stores. To enable this feature, do the following:

  1. Navigate to the /config/AuthManConfig.xml file.
  2. Go to the [AuthManLite] section and update the following entry:



You can use the Credential Insertion SDK only for the basic authentication method (where user name and password are required).