Relative Mouse

Relative Mouse support provides an option to interpret the mouse position in a relative rather than absolute manner. This capability is required for applications that demand relative mouse input rather than absolute.


This feature is available only in sessions running on Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops 7.8 (or later) or Citrix DaaS. It’s disabled by default.

To enable the feature:

In the file $HOME/.ICAClient/wfclient.ini, in the section [WFClient], add the entry RelativeMouse=1.

This step enables the feature but keeps it inactive until you activate it. For more information on enabling relative mouse features, see the Alternative Relative Mouse values section.

To activate the feature:

Type Ctrl/F12.

After the feature is enabled, type Ctrl/F12 again to synchronize the server pointer position with the client. The server and client pointer positions aren’t synchronized when using Relative Mouse.

To deactivate the feature:

Type Ctrl-Shift/F12.

The feature is also switched off when a session window loses focus.

Alternative Relative Mouse values

Alternatively, consider using the following values for RelativeMouse:

  • RelativeMouse=2 Enables the feature and activates it whenever a session window gains focus.
  • RelativeMouse=3 Enables, activates, and keeps the feature activated always.
  • RelativeMouse=4 Enables or disables the feature when the client-side mouse pointer is hidden or shown. This mode is suitable for automatically enabling or disabling the relative mouse for first-person gaming-style application interfaces.

To change the keyboard commands, add settings like:

  • RelativemouseOnChar=F11
  • RelativeMouseOnShift=Shift
  • RelativemouseOffChar=F11
  • RelativeMouseOffShift=Shift

The supported values for RelativemouseOnChar and RelativemouseOffChar are listed under [Hotkey Keys] in the config/module.ini file. You can find this file in the Citrix Workspace app installation tree. The values for RelativeMouseOnShift and RelativeMouseOffShift set the modifier keys to be used and are listed under the [Hotkey Shift States] heading.