Storebrowse utility features

Citrix Gateway support

With the latest release of Storebrowse utility, you can now add a Citrix Gateway URL. No additional configuration is required in the Storebrowse utility to communicate with Citrix Gateway.

Support for Single Sign-on with Citrix Gateway

Additional to the newly added Citrix Gateway support, you can now use Single Sign-on with it. You can add a new store and enumerate the published resources without having to provide your user credentials.

For more information about Single Sign-on support with Citrix Gateway, see Support for Single Sign-on with Citrix Gateway.


This feature is supported only on domain-joined machines where Citrix Gateway is configured with the Single Sign-on authentication.

Launch published desktop/application

You can now launch a resource directly from the store without having to use an ICA file.

Storebrowse utility features