Customize Citrix Workspace app settings

Administrators can configure the settings for Citrix Workspace app for iOS, Android, HTML5, Mac, and Windows platforms using the Global App Configuration service.


Global App Configuration service

The Global App Configuration cloud service provides solutions to problems faced by admin and user while using the Citrix Workspace app. The following is the list of solutions that the Global App Configuration cloud service provides:

Admin solutions

Problem Solution
There are many ways to configure the end-user settings for Citrix Workspace app. Centralized service - The Global App Configuration service provides a centralized setup for IT admins to easily configure Citrix Workspace app settings on Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, HTML5, Chrome OS platforms.
There are different ways to configure settings on different platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, HTML5, Chrome OS). Easy configuration of Citrix Workspace app settings - Each platform has different settings such as Group policies, Registry, Default.ica, StoreFront, or Workspace settings and config files and there are many ways to configure these settings. The Global App Configuration service ensures that you push the settings to end-users from one interface without navigating to each platform.
No easy way to configure settings for Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). Manage devices - Both IT-managed devices and Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD) are easily managed and controlled through the Global App Configuration service.

User solutions

Problem Solution
The user must remember the URL Easy access to stores - The Global App Configuration service provides email-based discovery so that the users can easily access their stores without remembering the store URLs.
The user must manually configure admin-specified settings Pre-configured store - Pre-configured store settings allow the users to readily use their stores without making any manual configuration to the settings.

Through the service, an admin delivers workspace service URLs, and manages Workspace app settings. Settings such as audio settings, automatic keyboard, external display and so on. The Global App Configuration service delivers settings to Workspace app clients that are already configured to use an on-premises store or cloud store.

You must have a Citrix Cloud account or any cloud entitlement to use the service.

To know more about the Citrix Workspace app and supported platforms, see About Citrix Workspace app.

The following table lists the minimum version of Citrix Workspace app across platform that supports Global App Configuration service.

Citrix Workspace app platform Minimum version supported
Windows Current Release - 2106, LTSR - 2203.1
Mac 2203.1
iOS 2104
HTML5 2111
ChromeOS 2203
Android 2104

How does the service work?

  • An administrator configures discovery or settings for Workspace app via the Global Apps Configuration service. The configuration is per store URL and applies to the Workspace app instance with the store URL added.
  • Citrix Workspace app fetches and updates the latest settings from the Global App Configuration service roughly every 6 hours.

Getting started with Global App Configuration service


To use the Global App Configuration service, Citrix Cloud customers must have:

  • a Citrix Cloud account and a cloud entitlement
  • an email domain and prove the ownership of that email domain. This prerequisite applies for email-based discovery of service URLs.

Global App Configuration service for Workspace stores

You can use Global App Configuration service via two ways:

Global App Configuration service via UI

  1. Sign up for Citrix Cloud.
  2. Go to Workspace Configuration > App Configuration. You can view a list of categories and multiple settings associated with each category.
  3. You can perform the following actions:

    • Set specific values for the different platforms through the settings.
    • Show or hide platform-specific settings using the toggle button.
      • When the toggle is turned on, you can view the configured setting for each platform and the check box as enabled.
      • When the toggle is turned off, you can select the check box to enable the setting value input field.
    • Administrator can set one or multiple settings across categories.

    Publish Drafts and Discard buttons are displayed in the notification bar at the bottom of the screen.

  4. Click Publish Drafts to apply all the configured settings or click Discard to discard the changes made in the current session.


  • Setting values are currently available in English and aren’t translated to other languages. Support for other languages will be available in the future release.
  • Some of the settings are available via API only and will be made available in the Admin UI in the future release.
Customize Citrix Workspace app settings