Manage your workspace experience

This article provides an overview of how subscribers can access and engage with their workspaces. It discusses customization options to enhance the workspace experience and provides solutions for common issues.

Workspace access

Subscribers can access Citrix Workspace in two ways:

  • Through a browser with the Workspace URL.
  • With the Citrix Workspace app, installed on subscriber devices.

Browser access

Subscribers must use the latest version of Edge, Chrome, Firefox, or Safari while signing in through the browser. Users can enter their Workspace URL to access their workspaces. For more information, see Workspace Browser Compatibility.

The workspace URL is enabled by default, usually in the format: For information on configuring the Workspace URL, see Workspace URL.

Citrix Workspace app access

Citrix recommends using the latest version of Citrix Workspace app to access workspaces.

The Citrix Workspace app is a natively installed app that replaces Citrix Receiver and provides a consistent user experience of the Workspace user interface (UI) across platforms. Citrix Workspace app is available for various operating systems. For details, see the Citrix Workspace app product documentation.

If you’ve been using Citrix Receiver, guide users to upgrade to Citrix Workspace app so they can use all the Workspace UI features. For more information on supported features in the Citrix Workspace app by platform, see Workspace app feature matrix.

For information on how to install Citrix Workspace app, visit Download Citrix Workspace app.

For devices that can’t install Citrix Workspace app software, Citrix Workspace app for HTML5 provides a connection through an HTML5-compatible browser.

Workspace user interface and features

New customers. If you’re new to using Citrix Workspace app, users automatically get the latest version of the UI.

Existing customers. If you’ve been using an earlier version of Citrix Workspace app, the updated UI can take around five minutes to display. You might temporarily see an older version of the UI.

Workspace Home Page

The Citrix Workspace UI consists of the following features:

Single sign-on (SSO)

Citrix Workspace offers a seamless experience with single sign-on (SSO) to secondary resources that otherwise require another form of authentication.

Home, Apps, and Desktops are the navigation tabs. The Home tab displays the most frequently used apps and desktops. When users add their favorite apps and desktops, users can quickly access them on the Home tab. The Apps tab displays a list of all available apps, and Desktops tab displays all available virtual desktops that users can access through Citrix Workspace app.


You can use the Allow Favorites feature in Workspace Configuration to configure whether users can add apps and desktops as favorites. For more information on enabling and disabling the Favorites feature in Citrix Workspace, see Allow Favorites.

Account Settings

Subscribers access Account Settings from a menu that appears when they select their profile icon in the upper-right corner of the Workspace UI.

Profile icon

You can upload a picture to the user profile. If no profile picture is set, the image defaults to an icon that is based on the user’s Active Directory display name.

Search Workspace

The search tool is available at the top of the Workspace UI. The tool searches across all resources in Citrix Workspace app and allows users to open apps directly from the search results. Search requires at least three characters.

Recents and Favorites view

Subscribers can choose between a Recents and Favorites view of their apps, desktops, and files.

You can configure Favorites to make this feature available or unavailable to subscribers in Workspace Configuration. For more information on enabling and disabling the Favorites feature in Citrix Workspace, see Allow Favorites.

Two-factor authentication (optional)

Before subscribers can use two-factor authentication with Citrix Workspace, they must register their device. During registration, Workspace presents a QR code for the subscriber to scan with an authentication app. The authentication app must follow the Time-Based One-Time Password (TOTP) standard, such as Citrix SSO.


For a smooth registration process, Citrix recommends downloading and installing Citrix SSO on the target device beforehand.

To register for two-factor authentication, guide the subscriber to:

  1. Open a browser, navigate to the Workspace sign-in page, and select Don’t have a token?
  2. Enter their user name in the domain\username format or their company email address and select Next. Citrix Cloud then sends the subscriber an email with a temporary verification code.
  3. Enter the verification code and Active Directory account password when prompted and select Next.


    The verification code is a temporary token with a 24-hour validity period and is only used to register the subscriber’s device. The subscriber mustn’t use this code to sign into their workspace with two-factor authentication.

  4. From the authenticator app, scan the QR code or enter the verification code manually.
  5. Select Finish and Sign In to complete the registration.

After completing registration, subscribers can return to the Citrix Workspace sign-in page and enter their Active Directory credentials along with the token displayed in their authentication app.

Only verification codes that are generated from an authentication app on an enrolled device are supported tokens for two-factor authentication. Subscribers mustn’t use the temporary email token sent during the registration process.

Customize workspaces

You can customize the subscriber experience of workspaces for different users and to meet specific organizational requirements in Workspace Configuration.


Log out and back in after changing authentication method

After you’ve changed the authentication method, subscribers that are logged in might see an error message. Subscribers must log out of Citrix Workspace and close the browser or Citrix Workspace app, and wait approximately 5 minutes to log in again. Subscribers can then sign in using the new authentication method.

For more information, visit Choose or change authentication methods.

Refresh after changes to your service subscription

If you’ve changed your service subscription, subscribers might need to manually refresh the local Citrix Workspace app. To refresh the Citrix Workspace app for Windows:

  1. Right-click the Citrix Workspace icon in the Windows system tray and select Advanced Preferences > Reset Citrix Workspace.
  2. Open Citrix Workspace app for Windows and select Accounts > Add.
  3. Enter the Workspace URL and then select Add.

You can also refresh the Citrix Workspace app from the browser. If refreshing from the browser:

  1. Right-click the Citrix Workspace icon in the Windows system tray and select Advanced Preferences > Reset Citrix Workspace.
  2. Enter the Workspace URL into the browser and sign in.
  3. Download the configuration file from Settings > Account Settings > Advanced > Download Workspace Configuration.

This downloads a file with a .cr extension that adds the workspace to your local Citrix Workspace app.

Manage your workspace experience